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PA withdraws from signed agreement with Israel: Abbas
PA withdraws from signed agreement with Israel: Abbas
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West Bank, ALRAY - President of Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas announced on Tuesday that Palestinian Liberation Organization and Palestinian Authority withdrew from all agreements and settlements that signed with US and Israel, including the security agreement.  

Protesting Israel plans to annex parts of West Bank, Jordan valley and Dead Sea, Abbas said during a convene  on Tuesday with leaders of PA in the headquarter in Ramallah that the decision is made In compliance with the decisions of the National and Central Councils of the PLO, the sole and legitimate representative of the Palestinian people

" Israel, as an occupying power, has to bear all of responsibilities and obligations towards Palestinians before the international community, and to bear the consequences and repercussions, based on international law and international humanitarian law, especially the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949", Abbas said.

He also held US administration the full responsibility for the oppression against Palestinian people, considering it a basic partner to Israeli occupation government in all the aggressive decisions and measures that prejudice the rights of our people.

He saluted all American stances that rejected the policies of US administration that prejudice the legitimate rights of Palestinian people.  

He reaffirmed the commitment of the State of Palestine to international legitimacy, and to relevant Arab, Islamic and regional decisions, affirming its firm commitment to combating global terrorism in whatever form or source it is.

Abbas stressed the authority’s commitment to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict on the basis of a two-state solution, and its willingness to accept the presence of a third party on the border between Palestinian and Israel, that negotiations be held to achieve this under multiple international sponsorship (the International Quartet), and through an international peace conference, in accordance with international legitimacy.

The President called on the countries of the world ,that rejected the Deal of the Century , the American and Israeli policies that procedures that violate international legitimacy and the agreements signed with them,  not just  to reject and denounce , but to take deterrent positions and impose serious penalties to prevent the Israeli occupation state from implementing its plans, that deny the rights of our people.

He called on the countries that did not recognize the state of Palestine so far, expedite their recognition to protect peace, international legitimacy and international law, and to enforce Security Council resolutions regarding providing international protection to our people in its occupied state.