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IOF arrests 800 Palestinians since the outbreak of corona pandemic: commission of detainees affairs
IOF arrests 800 Palestinians since the outbreak of corona pandemic: commission of detainees affairs
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West Bank, ALRAY - Israeli occupation forces have arrested more than 800 Palestinians, including 90 children and ten women, since last March, head of the Studies and Documentation Unit in the commission of detainees Affairs, Abdel Nasser Farwana reported.

Farwana noted in a report published on Sunday that Israel did not bother with domestic and international human and human rights appeals and continued its arrests despite the spread of coronavirus.

He said that Israel escalated its attacks against Palestinians in Jerusalem, the office documented an escalation in the arrest rate.

" The percentage of detainees in Jerusalem constitutes half of the total number of Palestinian detainees since the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic," the report noted.

Israeli occupation forces arrested 13 Palestinians from Gaza since the outbreak of coronavirus, and it later released them, allowing them to return to Gaza via random points, in strange behavior.

Farwana explained that Israeli occupation authorities used to take the arrested Palestinians to Israeli jails then it handed them to Palestinian liaison, so that allowing them to return randomly arouse doubts.  

He stressed that Israeli prison services persist its punishment measures against Palestinian detainees despite the spread of e

The Palestinian detainee, Nour al-Deen al-Barghouthee dead in Israeli Negev prison, after the outbreak of coronavirus, due to medical negligence.  

Farwana explained that IPS has neither take any precautionary measures, nor it provide sterilization and cleaning materials for detainees to protect them from the risk of contracting the virus.

He noted that IPS banned family and lawyer visits because of coronavirus, but it did not provide alternative methods to communicate with the detainees.  

Ferwana renewed his call to international organizations, especially the Red Cross and the World Health Organization, to send a neutral international medical delegation to visit prisons and see the health conditions in general, and the measures taken there since the start of the Corona pandemic in particular, and to provide the necessary treatment for sick prisoners .

Israeli occupation authorities detain about 4800 Palestinians, 39 of them women, 170 children, 700 sick detainees 300 of them suffer of chronic diseases, in addition to 450 administrative detainees.