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Gaza confirms no more coronavirus cases, Health Ministry
Gaza confirms no more coronavirus cases, Health Ministry
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Gaza, ALRAY - No new cases of the novel coronavirus pandemic were confirmed in the besieged Gaza Strip during the past 24 hours, Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza said on Saturday.

The ministry pointed out, in the daily briefing on the coronavirus in Gaza, that it has done 48 coronavirus tests in the strip during the past 24 hours, but were all negative for the virus.

It indicated that the number of the diagnosed coronavirus cases in Gaza stands now at 61, 18 of them have made a full recovery, while 42 are still active for the virus, and one patient has died so far.

The ministry added that 14 of the recovered have left the quarantine centers.

It also indicated that at least 1492 people are being quarantined at dedicated hotels and health centers spending their coronavirus mandatory quarantine period.

The total number of people who contracted the coronavirus disease in the occupied Palestinian territories stands now at 627.

There are about 6,126,459 confirmed cases worldwide and the death toll now tops 371,213 while over 2,680,786 people have recovered from the virus.