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GMO: 53 Israeli violations against Palestinian journalists in May
GMO: 53 Israeli violations against Palestinian journalists in May
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Gaza, ALRAY - In its monthly report, the Government Media office (GMO) in Gaza affirmed a remarkable rise in Israeli occupation forces violations against Palestinian journalists by recording 53 violations.

The violations varied between arrests, detention, beaten and preventing from coverage.

According to documentary and monitoring unit, 14 Palestinian journalists in the West bank were arrested or extending their detention. Two of them were denied from entering Jerusalem city.

The report mentioned that the IOF targeted four journalists with rubber-coated bullets while covering incidents in the West Bank.

Nine journalists were prevented from performing their duties in covering actions took place in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

The report pointed out that the IOF raided five houses of journalist searched their contents and expropriated media tools such as cameras.   

One case of house demolition was documented, as the IOF demolished the house of the writer Wedad Barghouthi.

The unit documented two cases of harassment and assaulting for journalists during interrogation in Israeli detentions centers and prisons. At the same time three journalists forces to pay in order to be released.   

 The Israeli occupation authorities renewed the decision of closing “falstine” TV for another six months.

Eight Facebook pages of Palestinian journalists were banned due to reports made by Israeli users.