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Health condition of Palestinian prisoner al-Najjar deteriorates
Health condition of Palestinian prisoner al-Najjar deteriorates
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Ramallah, ALRAY - 53-year-old Palestinian prisoner in Israeli jails Fathi al-Najjar suffers from bad heath conditions after the Negev prison administration defer to give him his suitable treatment, Commission of Detainees’ Affairs has said.

The commission pointed out, in a press statement on Monday, that prisoner al-Najjar, from the city of Yatta in southern Hebron, was sentenced to 30 years of imprisonment, adding that he spent 18 years of them.

It indicated that al-Najjar suffers from pains in his abdomen, as he experiences a hematuria and rectal bleeding, noting that the prison administration refuses to conduct all necessary medical examinations for him so as to know the causes and treatment of the bleeding.

The commission added that al-Najjar has problems in his sight and knee ligaments, as he underwent a number of surgeries earlier to remove kidney stones and fats as well as to fix the hernia sac.

The commission stressed that prisoner al-Najjar is a perfect example of the Israeli medical negligence practiced against sick prisoners in Israeli jails, who are deliberately left without having treatment and medical care in an attempt to liquidate them.

According to Palestinian figures, about 5,700 Palestinians, including 48 women and 250 children, are currently languishing in Israeli detention jails.

At least 700 of the prisoners suffer from chronic illnesses and require regular medical care, 10 of them are suffering from different types of cancer.