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Number of deaths from coronavirus in Israel rises to 290
Number of deaths from coronavirus in Israel rises to 290
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Occupied Jerusalem, ALRAY - The number of deaths in Israel from the new coronavirus pandemic has risen by five during the past 24 hours to stand at 290, Israeli Ministry of Health said on Tuesday.

The ministry added that at least 116 Israelis have been confirmed positive for coronavirus during the past 24 hours, which is the highest in recent days.

It pointed out that the total number of those diagnosed with the virus raised to 17,285, of them 28 cases are in serious condition, 29 are connected to ventilators, as well as 42 are described to be in moderate condition.

It indicated that about 14,940 cases have showed full recovery, while the number of active cases stand now at 2055.

In Palestine, the total number of cases tested positive for the coronavirus pandemic stands now at 630, of which 527 have recovered, and five people have died so far.

There are about 6,447,105 confirmed cases worldwide and the death toll now tops 382,708 while over 3,011,410 people have recovered from the virus.