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Senior Hamas delegation meets Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister
Senior Hamas delegation meets Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister
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Gaza, ALRAY - A high-profile delegation from Hamas, headed by the movement’s chief Ismail Haniyeh, met on Tuesday with Russian Special Presidential Representative for the Middle East and Africa and Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov in Qatar.


The delegation consisted of the Head of Hamas International Relations Office Dr. Musa Abu Marzouq and Senior Hamas official Khalid Mesha’l.


The Hamas delegation explained to Bogdanov the developments concerning the Palestinian issue, especially the Israeli plans to annex swaths from the West Bank.


The Hamas officials said that the movement would work with all Palestinian factions and the free people of the world to hinder the Israeli plans, confirming that such a push constitutes a flagrant violation of the international law.


The delegation also highlighted the efforts exerted by the movement, along with all the Palestinian factions, to achieve intra-Palestinian unity.


Both sides agreed to coordinate endeavors aiming to serve the Palestinian issue.