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IOF raids West Bank and arrests 16 Palestinians
IOF raids West Bank and arrests 16 Palestinians
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West Bank, ALRAY - Israeli occupation forces waged wide arrest campaign to different cities of occupied West Bank and Jerusalem, arrested more than 16 Palestinians after storming their houses.

Detainees media office said in a statement that IOF raided Ramallah and arrested Muhammad Mutee and Adnan Talaat after storming their homes in the village of Kharbatha Bani Hareth, Mu'tasem Mashal, from the village of Deir Ghassana, and Adil Nadim Hawih, from the town of Ain Yabrud. 

It also arrested the young Saddam Saher Barghouti, and his father Saher, from the village of Beit Rima and the young Sami Mahmoud Ali Nasser, from his house, in the town of Deir Qadis. 

IOF raided the town of Kober and arrested Thaer Al-Barghouthi, after raiding his house and destroying its contents. The youth, Lotfi Zaid Al-Kilani, was also arrested from the village of Beiten. 

IOF also arrested Mashhour Al-Ajlouni, from the city of Hebron , after storming his house and tampering with its contents under the pretext of searching.

 In Jenin the occupation forces arrested the ex-detainee Bilal Najwat Faschafeh, 25, from the town of Jaba, at a military checkpoint, south of Nablus, on the way back to his town. 

In occupied Jerusalem, the Israeli occupation forces arrested a young man, after they stormed the Kafr Aqab area, north of the city.