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Israel commits 532 violations against Palestinians in the first term of 2020: Al-Mezan
Israel commits 532 violations against Palestinians in the first term of 2020: Al-Mezan
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Gaza, ALRAY - Human rights organization data revealed that Israeli occupation forces committed 532 violations against Palestinian people living at the border areas during the first term of 2020. 

Al-Mezan center for human rights explained in a report published on Monday that IOF committed systematic and organized human right violations against Palestinians especially those involved in peaceful demonstrations and various workers, most notably farmers. 

It noted that Israeli occupations aims to destroy the Palestinian economic sector and to impose a restricted access area in a blatant violation of the international law.

Israeli occupation forces shell with heavy artillery and shoot at workers in the industrial and agricultural facilities, including farmers, herders, birds, and fishersIsraeli attacks cause physical and psychological harm to these groups, destroy their properties, and deprive them from doing their jobs.

The report documented 532 violations by Israeli occupation against Palestinians and their properties during the first term of 2020.

It called on the international community to hold legal and moral responsibility towards Palestinian people and to provide international protection to the Palestinians, activate legal accountability tools, and prosecute and punish the perpetrators of these crimes.

Israeli occupation forces ban Palestinians from reaching the border area for a distance of 300 meters, called the buffer zone area, and anyone entered the area will be either shot or arrested.

Israeli occupation imposed a restricted blockade on Gaza ,where more than 2 million people live, since Hamas won the legislative elections in January 2006.

The blockade caused a significant increase in poverty and unemployment rates as well as a significant weakening of the health sector, as it suffers from a relentless shortage of medicines and medical supplies, according to official data.