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74-year-old Palestinian detainee dies in Israeli jail of medial negligence
74-year-old Palestinian detainee dies in Israeli jail of medial negligence
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Gaza, ALRAY - Palestinian detainee from Gaza Strip is announced died in Israeli jail on Wednesday morning, Wa'd association blamed Israeli Prison services (IPS) for deliberate medical negligence. 

Waed socity for detainees' affairs announced the death of the detainee Saadi Al-Gharably ,74, inside Israeli jails as a result of the policy of medical negligence. 

Commission of detainees and ex-detainees stated on Tuesday evening that Al-Gharabaly is clinically dead, expecting that IPS will remove the ventilator at any moment. The commission confirmed in a statement that the lawyers for the commission were to visit "Eshel" prison in order to acquaint with his condition, unless IPS bans them.

The commission explained that Al-Gharablee was not diagnosed as a critical condition, and he was moved to hospital suddenly.

The commission will ask IPS to hand the body of Al-Gharablee in order to dissect his body before set him to his last resting place.

The prisoner Saadi al-Gharabli is the second veteran prisoner from the Gaza Strip after the prisoner Fouad al-Shobaki ,80 , both of whom have cancer. Al-Gharabli was sentenced to life imprisonment as being charged with killing one Israeli officer in 1994 in Tel Aviv.

He was moved to Ramla prison clinic as being suffered of cancer for along time.

By Al-Gharablee death the number of Palestinian detainees who were dead in Israeli prisons has been raised to 224 since 1967.