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IOF arrests 16 Palestinians in raids to West Bank and occupied Jerusalem
IOF arrests 16 Palestinians in raids to West Bank and occupied Jerusalem
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West Bank, ALRAY - Israeli occupation forces arrested on Thursday morning 16 Palestinians in raids to differnts cities of occupied West Bank and Jerusalem, two of Hamas leaders among them. 

Israeli army said in a statement  that its forces arrested a number of Palestinians from West Bank and took them to interrogation center, claimed that they are involved in resistance actions. 

IOF arrested Skiekh Jamal Attaweel, the former chairmen of Al-Bireh town, after inteerogating him for more than an hour in his house in Umm Al Sharayet nieghborhood, it also arretsed the leader Hussain Abu Kwaik  from hishouse in Petunia to the west of Ramallah.  

It also arrested the student at Birzeit University Ruba Assi, from her family's home in the town of Petunia.

Violent clashes broke out with the occupation forces in the Umm Al-Sharayet neighborhood, during which the soldiers fired rubber-coated metal bullets and tear gas towards the citizens.

violent clashes also erupteed between Palestinian youths and IOF in Ramallah, Al-Bireh, and PEtunia.IOF responded by firing rubber bullets and tear gas, many suffocation cases reported.

In the city of Qalqilya IOF arretsed the youth Abdul Rahman Mahmoud Hanini,28.

In Jenin, IOF arrested Abdallah Zakarnah, A'lam Massad, Bassam Abu Ali, Majid Hafez Nairat from the town of Maithaloun  south of Jenin, and Mohammed Falah Owais from the Jenin refugee, who was arrested at a military checkpoint south of the city while he was returning to Jenin from Ramallah.


IOF arrested the youth Mohammed Hattab from Jericho, Mohammed al-Qawasma from Hebron, and Wajde Jaradat,24, from Saer town.

In occupied Jerusalem, undercover Israeli special force kidnapped the boy, Omar  Mahmoud, from Al-Issawiya, and took him in a special vehicle.

The occupation forces arrested  Rami Ghaith fromSilwan, south of the Old City in occupied Jerusalem, after a group of settlers attacked him while he was near the Al-Baraq Wall in occupied Jerusalem, in addition to arresting two young men, Moaz Al-Matari and Muhammad Obaid Al-Matari, from the town of Beit Anan northwest of Jerusalem