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Israel demolishes wedding hall in Tira city
Israel demolishes wedding hall in Tira city
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Tira, ALRAY - The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) on Sunday at dawn demolished a Palestinian-owned wedding hall in the Tira town in the pre-1948 occupied Palestine, allegedly for being built without a permit.

Local sources reported that the IOF forces, accompanied by military bulldozers, broke into the town in the early morning hours, closed the surroundings of the place and prevented citizens from approaching it.

In the same context, dozens of Palestinian youths and crowded people locked down one of the streets leading to the place of the wedding hall, which resulted in being assaulted and repressed by the IOF forces.

In late June, Lod District Court issued a descsion ordering a temporary freeze of the demolition order of the wedding hall.

The Israeli occupation authorities keep demolishing Palestinian properties in the pre-1948 occupied territories on the pretext of being built without license, which Israel itself puts obstacles against it.