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Commission of Detainees affairs calls for neutral medical delegation to Israeli prisons
Commission of Detainees affairs calls for neutral medical delegation to Israeli prisons
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West Bank, ALRAY - Commission of detainees and ex-detainees' affairs called for sending a neutral medical delegation to Israeli prisons to get acquaint with the health conditions of Palestinian detainees and the Israeli precautionary measures.

The head of research and documentation unit, Abd Annaser Ferwwana called on human rights organizations to exert pressure on Israel to ensures protection for Palestinian detainees, and take precautionary and safety measures to protect the detainees from the risk of covid-19, especially the most vulnerable groups, such as patients and adults in prison.

He stressed the importance of taking more serious steps that brings us closer to the international courts, especially the International Criminal Court in The Hague, which could serve as a deterrent to the occupation and limit its crimes against prisoners and detainees.

"Announcing the Palestinian patient detainee Kamal Abu Waer infected with covid-19 rang the alarm bell,  that other detainees may be infected with corona virus," said Ferwana.

He explained that there is a fear of the possibility of being other prisoners who are infected with the virus and the IPS hide this. He pointed out that IPS concealed the medical files of the sick prisoners more than one time, and refused to disclose the health conditions of them, thus the Israeli story is always questioned and we do not trust it.

Ferwana hold IPS the whole responsibility of Abu Waer'slife, after announcing him infected with covid-19.

He called on the Red Crescent and World Health Organization to exert pressure on IPS to observe the conduct of corona tests for all prisoners in the Gilboa prisons, as well as patients in the so-called Ramla prison clinic, as soon as possible, since the prisoner Abu Waer had communicated with many prisoners before announcing his infection. 

Despite the local and international calls to release sick, women and children prisoners from Israeli jails due to covid-19 pandemic, IPS turned the cold shoulders and did not provide the minimum precautionary measures for the detainees. However, IPS increased the arrest campaign against Palestinians; it arrested more than 1200 Palestinians since the out break of corona virus.  It also stepped up its repressive measures against prisoners in prisons and continued to neglect their health conditions, which endangered their lives.

Palestinian detainee Kamal Abu Waer,46, from Jenin, had been arrested since 2003 and sentenced to life imprisonment six times, suffers of throat cancer. When he had been transferred from Gilboa Prison at the end of last week, to Assaf Harofeh Hospital in the occupied area for a surgery, doctors carried out Corona test for him, and the result was positive. 

About 224 Palestinian detainees were dead in Israeli jails since 1967, 69 of them dead due to medical negligence, while many others dead after their release of diseases that they infected with in prisons because of torture, harsh conditions of detention and deliberate medical neglect. 

About 5000 Palestinians are detained in Israeli jails, that are distributed to 23 centers, among them 180 child, 43 women, 500 administrative detainee, 1800 sick detainees, 700 of them need urgent medical intervention.