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Israel issues 313 demolishing orders against Palestinian houses
Israel issues 313 demolishing orders against Palestinian houses
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West Bank, ALRAY - Israeli occupation authorities carried out 313 demolishing order in West Bank during the first term of 2020, 46% of demolishing concentrated in occupied Jerusalem, and Hebron, Colonization and wall resistance commission reported.

The commission explained in a report that Israeli occupation authorities issued a number of eviction notices stating that citizens should be removed from their lands, on the pretext that they were declared closed military areas, military lands, nature reserves, or for military training purposes.

It noted that the number of notices reached 129, under which 737 Palestinians were evicted from their lands temporary.

The commission documented 419 attacks by Israeli settlers against Palestinians, that resulted in the injury of 78 Palestinians and destroying 1100 dunams and uprooting more than 3000 trees, damaging Palestinian properties where 78 cars were directly damaged.  

The aggressions concentrated in Jerusalem, Nablus, and Hebron which witnessed 60% of the attacks.

It pointed out that the occupation government and some legislative bodies have proposed a number of draft laws, with the aim of strengthening and consolidating the settlement project in the occupied State of Palestine.

Israeli occupation government adopted a number of decisions that directly affect the current and future status of Palestinian territories. Settlement projects, adopted by the government of Benjamin Netanyahu, is working to consecrate it for the benefit of the of Israel.

Israeli constructing and housing ministry and Israel land authority have published 52 bids during the first half of this year, which included the construction of thousands of housing units, commercial, industrial and service buildings in settlements located in the occupied Palestinian territories.

It stated that the total of settlement organizational plans that were discussed before the various "Israeli organizations" in the West Bank amounted to 60 plans, distributed among 21 approved plans, which included 4179 new settlement housing units.

It also included 39 plans in progress, including 6,408 settlement units, some of which came within the vicinity of existing settlements, while others came within new neighborhoods or settlements.