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Closing Kerem Shalom crossing a hostile against Gaza: Hamas
Closing Kerem Shalom crossing a hostile against Gaza: Hamas
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Gaza, ALRAY - Closing the sole commercial crossing of Gaza Strip, Kerem Shalom, and banning the entry of goods is a hostile step by Israeli occupation against Gaza, and a crime against two million people live in Gaza, holding Israeli occupation the responsibility of the consequences of the closure, the Islamic resistance movement of Hamas stated on Tuesday.  

The spokesperson of Hamas movement, Sami Barhom stressed in a written statement that people of Gaza has the right to express their anger and inform the world of their sufferings of dire living conditions. 

He said the popular actions and resorting to tools and forms of struggle to express their anger over Israeli siege is a normal measure and a natural result of the occupation’s aggressive policies, and the tightening of its siege on the Gaza Strip.

He stressed that Palestinian resistance factions will not accept imposing this situation on Gaza, and will not abandon its national, ethical and moral role towards our people and will protect its interests.

Israeli occupation authorities announced on Tuesday the closure of Kerem Shalom crossing until further notice, claiming that it’s a response to flying incendiary balloons towards settlements around Gaza.    

Kerem Shalom is the sole commercial crossing of Gaza Strip , where two million people lives in dire living and economic conditions because of  the Israeli siege that has been imposed on Gaza since 2006.