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Israel escalated demolishing process against Palestinian properties during August
Israel escalated demolishing process against Palestinian properties during August
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OccupiedJerusalem, ALRAY - Israeli occupation authorities escalated its violation against Palestinian existence inJerusalemand Al-Aqsa mosque, Islamic Christian Commission to supportJerusalemand sanctities reported Wednesday.


The commission explained in a report about Israeli violations inJerusalemlast month, that Israeli occupation authorities persist  its attacks against the human presence in the city, the most prominent of which was killing Ashraf Halasa,30 , from Shuafat Camp, near Bab Hatta.


The report noted that Israeli occupation authorities pursued a fierce campaign of demolishing residential and commercial facilities in the occupied city, and continued their daily arrests of Jerusalemites, in order to force them to leave the city,  and use it as a punitive measure to deter Jerusalemites from confronting the occupation's plans againstJerusalemand the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

It  pointed out that the occupation intelligence handed the governor ofJerusalem, Adnan Ghaith, last month a decision by the so-called "Israeli Home Front Command Commander" to restrict his movement inside the city.

According to the report, the occupation authorities escalated the demolitions in the city, during August,  and forced a number of Jerusalemites to self-demolish their homes, under the pretext of building without a permit.


Israeli occupation court refused to freeze the decision to demolish the home of Fadi Alian in the town of Al-Issawiya, suspended any procedures related to licensing the house, and imposed a fine of NIS 200,000 (about 58,000 US dollars) .


The Civil Administration of the occupation army approved a number of settlement projects. The Hebrew newspaper, Yediot Aharonot, revealed that these projects aim to link the settlement bloc, "Binyamin" near Ramallah, with occupiedJerusalem.


One of  these projects is the construction of a highway linking the "Binyamin" industrial zone with the "Atarot" industrial zone, north of occupiedJerusalem, and a tunnel of600 meterslong, passing under the Qalandia checkpoint, in addition to building about 560 new settlement units in the settlement of "Har Homa".

The occupation municipality inJerusalemalso approved a plan to establish a settlement operation complex on the eastern side of Issawiya, on an area of 90 dunums. The project includes the establishment of a "Silicon Valley" technology zone, in addition to expanding the areas of the financial and business sector, shops and hotel rooms.


The project, which will replace the industrial zone in Al-Jouz neighborhood, aims to build high-tech projects, at a cost of 2.1 billion shekels ($ 606 million), and the mayor of the occupation, Moshe, pledged to continue the projects of Judaizing the city.