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Update, 969 covid-19 cases inGazaby 162 new cases on Saturday
  • Gaza News
  • 09:09 06 September 2020
Update, 969 covid-19 cases inGazaby 162 new cases on Saturday
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Gaza, ALRAY - Palestinian Health ministry based inGazaannounced on Sunday that the total number of covid-19 cases withinGazacommunity raised to969 inthe past 24 hours, by 162 new cases.

The ministry explained in a statement that it conducted on Saturday 1266 tests, noting that the total number of cases is 969 so far, 873 of them are active cases, 89 recovered, and seven deaths.

It stressed that that the emergency operations room is in a permanent session to follow up the developments of the epidemiological situation and the requirements to confront it, indicating that an important step has been made in investigating the epidemiological situation during the previous days, and the specialized teams are still working to control the outbreaks.

The emergency operations room monitors and assesses the epidemiological situation in a timely manner and takes measures that suit each region, with partial mitigation to meet the needs of citizens in the yellow and green areas.

The room called on the people not to gather and keep social distancing, calling on all public and private sector institutions and service providers to fully adhere the precautionary measures.  

It  reiterated the need to intensify precautionary measures and prevent leaving the house except for necessity, especially  the elderly, people with chronic diseases, children and immunocompromised.