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Update: COVID-19 cases in Gaza hit 2006 by 79 cases
  • Gaza News
  • 09:09 15 September 2020
Update: COVID-19 cases in Gaza hit 2006 by 79 cases
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Gaza, ALRAY - Palestinian Health Ministry based in Gaza announced on Tuesday that the number of covid-19 cases in Gaza reached 2006 by recording 79 cases today, and recorded 60 recovered cases.

The ministry explained in its daily situation report that it inducted 1590 samples on Tuesday.

The accumulated number of  covid-19 cases since last March reached 2006, of which 1688 active cases, 303 recovered cases and 15 deaths.

The ministry indicated in its report that the emergency operations room in the Ministry of Health is following the developments of the epidemiological situation and the required procedures according to the degree of risk for each area in the Gaza Strip.

The ministry called on the people of Gaza to commitment themselves to precautionary measures  and preserve social distancing to protect them selves of covid-19.