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Israel, UAE and Bahrain normalizing deal will not achieve stability in the region: PNC
Israel, UAE and Bahrain normalizing deal will not achieve stability in the region: PNC
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West Bank, ALRAY - Palestinian National council (PCN) denounced signing Israeli, UAE and Bahrain the US brokered normalization deal, stressing that it does not present the Arab popular stance, and will not achieve peace and stability in the Middle east region. 

PCN stressed in a statement on Tuesday that peace and stability in the region achieved by gaining the Palestinian people their whole rights. 

"Peace, security and prosperity in the region will not be achieved without the establishment of the State of Palestine, with full sovereignty, with Jerusalem as its capital, the withdrawal from all occupied Arab lands in accordance with international legitimacy resolutions, and the return of Palestinian refugees in accordance with the UN Resolution 194." PNC affirmed.


By signing US brokered normalizing deal, UAE and Bahrain agreed on the "Deal on Century" which stating Jerusalem as a capital of Israel, waving the Islamic and Christian long lasting right to it, PNC explained.

PNC stated in a statement on Tuesday that the real threat to Arab national security and Palestinian cause is the Israeli occupation.

The fake reasons that were promoting to justify the normalizing deal are rejected by Arab nations and will not secure the dealers from the disastrous consequences for the future of the Arab nation and its future generations.

It added that Israel has never hidden its ambitions to implement its colonializing plans in the region, by enhancing and perpetuating the intra-Arab conflict and putting hands on its wealth and natural resources that should be enjoyed by the Arab.

It stressed that the big winner of these deals is Israel and Trump administration, who took advantage of Arab intra-conflict to achieve their goals in the regions and enhance Trump prospects to win the next election. 

PNC called on all Palestinian people to join the protesting activities against the normalizing deal everywhere.

PNC also saluted Arab nations, political associations, parliament blocs and civil institutions that refused and denounced the deal.