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2313 covid-19 cases within Gaza since last March
  • Gaza News
  • 09:09 19 September 2020
2313 covid-19 cases within Gaza since last  March
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Gaza, ALRAY- Palestinian Health ministry based in Gaza announced on Saturday new 90 covid-19 cases within Gaza community during the past 24 hours.

The ministry explained in its daily situation report that the cumulative total number of covid-19 cases since last March reached 2313, of which 1810 active cases, 486 recovered cases, and 17 deaths.

The Ministry stressed that its emergency operations room is following the developments of the epidemiological situation and the procedures that are commensurate with the degree of severity of each region.

It noted that the curve of recording infections of the Coronavirus is still unstable, thus more caution and precaution measures are needed. 

 It explained that the recklessness of some civilians and disrespecting the precautions measures lead to increase the number of cases.

The ministry warned earlier that the health resources are depleted, and the community will be at a dangerous within days due to the continuing shortage of medicines, laboratory swabs and pcr kits, and the requirements to confront the pandemic.

The ministry called on the concerned bodies to provide emergency and urgent support to the Ministry of Health to ensure the continuation of health services and to achieve the required response to confront the pandemic in the Gaza Strip.