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Dozens of Bahrainis protest normalizing deal with Israel
Dozens of Bahrainis protest normalizing deal with Israel
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Gaza, ALRAY - Dozens of Bahrainis organized on Friday marches across Bahrain protesting the normalizing deal that signed Between Israel and Bahrain, activists published footages of the marches on the social media.    The activists said that the marches started from the village of Abu Saiba in the suburb of the capital, Manama; footages showed dozens of men and women protesting the deal in marches.

The footages showed the protesters as carrying flags for Bahrain and Palestine and slogans read "Friday of Anger for Jerusalem".  

The protesters chanted slogans rejecting normalization and denouncing the agreement their country signed with "Israel", most notably: "Normalization is a betrayal", "your stay is impossible ... leave," referring to the Bahraini regime.

Last Tuesday a US brokered normalizing deal was signed between UAE , Bahrain and Israel in Washington. Palestinian Authority and all Palestinian factions denounced the deal considering it a betrayal.

Allolua Bahraini opposition channel posted on its Twitter account footages show the flag of Israeli occupation is under the feet of the protesters, saying "The flag of the Israeli entity is under the feet of Bahraini men and women, while the (Bahraini) regime signs its crime."

 On Wednesday, 17 Bahraini political societies and civil society institutions condemned normalization with "Israel", saying "it does not represent the people of the Kingdom, and it will not bring peace."