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Kuwaiti political forces reject Trump's remark over forge ties with Israel
  • Gaza News
  • 07:09 20 September 2020
Kuwaiti political forces reject Trump's remark over forge ties with Israel
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Gaza, ALRAY - Kuwaiti political forces condemned remarks of US president Donald Trump, over Kuwait willingness to sign normalizing deal with Israel, calling on Kuwaiti government to announce the official rejection stance for normalizing ties with Israel.  

 Kuwaiti forces issued a joint statement on Saturday on this regard.

The statement called on the Kuwaiti government, and its foreign ministry to clarify its official stance over US president claims. 

It also called on the Kuwaiti National Parliament to give the law "criminalizing normalization with the Zionist entity" an urgent attribute.

The statement urged Kuwaiti political forces and individuals, groups, and civil society forces, to take immediate steps to pass this law to provide solid popular protection for the official government decision rejecting this humiliating normalization.

The statement sited articles of Kuwait Constitution stating that Kuwait is in a defensive war with the Zionist guerrillas.

The statement stressed its refusal to normalization with Israel , in loyalty to our Kuwaiti martyrs in the various Arab wars against the Zionist entity, and from a moral and humane stance requiring standing with the oppressed against the oppressor, the murderer, the usurper of honor and land.

 "Kuwait will not forget the blood of martyrs, sufferings of mothers, children, detainees, and wounded, the sacrifices of generations throughout the decades of Zionist aggression on Palestine and Al-Quds Al-Sharif," the statement read. 

 The Kuwaiti political forces ’statement was signed by: the National Islamic Alliance, the Justice and Peace Caucus, the Arabist Current, the Kuwaiti Liberal Movement, the Kuwaiti Democratic Forum, the People's Banner Gathering, the Civil Conservative Party, the National Wala Gathering, the Islamic Constitutional Movement, the National People's Movement, and the National Charter Group .

Wall Street Journal has earlier quoted the US president Donald Trump as saying that Kuwait may soon become the next country to normalize its relations with "Israel". 

 On Tuesday, 15th September 2020 US hosted a successful White House ceremony to formalize the normalization of Israel’s relations with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain.

President Trump announced that as many as six other states soon could normalize their own relations with the Jewish state.

 Many Arab political forces announced its refusal to normalizing ties with Israel, considering it a betrayal.