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Abbas calls for Turkish support in a phone call
Abbas calls for Turkish support in a phone call
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West Bank, ALRAY - President of Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas called on the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan to support the Palestinian reconciliation and to push forward Palestinian election.

President Abbas made a phone call with president Erdogan on Monday on this regard, WAFA news agency reported.

President Abass informed president Erdogan on the ongoing talks between Fateh , Hamas and Palestinian factions, according to what was agreed upon at the meeting of the general secretaries of the Palestinian factions, that the all agreed on achieving Palestinian reconciliation and carrying out Palestinian election.  

 Abbas asked, in the phone call, for Turkish support and to provide Observers from Turkey, within the framework of international observers, to monitor the elections.

 Abbas also discussed with Erdogan the recent political development in the region and the pressures exerted by the United States of America on a number of countries, and the need to confront these pressures and abide by the Arab Peace Initiative.

 Abbas thanked Erdogan for his country support to Palestinian just cause , and his effort to convince the presidents of Serbia and Kosovo not to open embassies or offices in  occupied Jerusalem. 

General secretaries of the Palestinian factions agreed in September 3, 2020 on a number of issues, including to work to end Palestinian division, consolidating the principle of the peaceful transfer of power through free and fair elections, according to proportional representation.