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Rafah crossing opened for three days
  • Gaza News
  • 08:09 27 September 2020
Rafah crossing opened for three days
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Gaza, ALRAY - Egyptian Authority in coordination with Palestinian government in Gaza opened on Sunday morning Rafah crossing southern Gaza Strip which has been closed since last month.

Palestinian interior ministry in Gaza announced opening Rafah crossing in both directions on Sunday, and for three days.

It stressed the importance of Passengers' adherence to the appointed time and not be late, who will travel come only without escorts, wearing face mask, keep physical distancing and not gathering, use of personal hygiene methods and sterilization constantly, and follow the instructions of the security men and police.

It is noteworthy that the crossing opened in recent months, infrequently, due to the "Corona" pandemic and the fear of the virus spreading among citizens in the coastal strip, which is subject to a strict Israeli blockade.