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Palestinian fishermen syndicate protests killing two fishermen by Egyptian fires
  • Gaza News
  • 09:09 27 September 2020
Palestinian fishermen syndicate protests killing two fishermen by Egyptian fires
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Gaza, ALRAY - Palestinian fishermen in Gaza Strip announced on Sunday morning a general strike and refrain from fishing in protests against killing two Palestinian fishermen by Egyptian navy on Friday.

Palestinian fishermen in Gaza refrain from fishing on Sunday in solidarity with Zaazoua family whose two sons killed by Egyptian navy and the third were arrestetd. They send a message of booing against the violations they are exposed to, whether from the Israeli occupation or the Egyptian side.

 Palestinian fishermen syndicate announced on Saturday banning fishing from Sunday to Monday afternoon.

Egyptian authority handed the bodies of the two brothers Mahmoud and Hasan Zaazoua to the Palestinian side on Saturday evening while kept their third bother arrested.

The spokesperson of interior ministry Eyad al-Buzm stated that the ministry is making arrangements to receive the bodies of the two martyrs Al-Zaazou ', while their third wounded brother Yasseris still with the Egyptian authorities to receive treatment.

Palestinian factions condemned killing two Palestinian fisher men by Egyptian navy fires, calling on Egyptian authorities to release the third wounded fisherman.

The syndicate stressed in a statement that the fishermen were fishing off Gaza coast, seek their livelihood and the sustenance of their families in light of the stifling siege and difficult conditions that the citizens of the Gaza Strip live in, and in light of Israeli occupation restrictions against them. 

It called on Egyptian authorities to investigate this crime, and the immediate release of the injured, and ensuring that such crimes do not recur.


By killing the two fishermen of Zaazoua family, the number of Palestinian fishermen who killed by Egyptian fires has raised to six in the recent ten years.