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Israel commits 71 violations against Palestinian journalists during Sep : Government Media Office
Israel commits 71 violations against Palestinian journalists during Sep : Government Media Office
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Gaza, ALRAY - Israeli occupation forces committed 61 violations against Palestinian journalists during September, government media office based in Gaza reported on Thursday. 

The office explained in its monthly report on the Israeli violations against journalists that the forms of assaults on Palestinian journalists varied between direct targeting with rubber-coated metal bullets, arrest, summons, beatings, injuries, threats, and prevention from covering the confrontations and banning from travel.

 The office recorded in its report on Israeli violations against journalists during last September 61 violations, of which 11 Palestinian journalists were arrested in administrative detention.

Israeli occupation forces also attacked 12 journalists with live bullets, and beat them during covering Israeli attacks against Palestinians. It also recorded two incidents of threatening of use weapons against journalists.

It also recoded 11 incidents of preventing journalists from covering , and banned two journalists from traveling to receive medical treatment in occupied Jerusalem. 

It also recorded five incidents of raiding houses of Palestinian journalists, and confiscating a broadcast car belonging to Palestine TV, and five press and personal equipment and supplies for journalists, in addition to recording a case of refusing to releas press equipment and supplies.

Whereas, the report documented four cases of harassment inside the occupation prisons through the process of transferring detained journalists from one prison to another and holding court sessions without the presence of lawyers and ban the visit of their families, IPS also imposed financial fee on one Palestinian journalist detainee  as a condition for the release..

The report also recorded closing and blocking seven Facebook pages for Palestinian journalists.