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Eight new cases of covid-19 re-imposes lock down on Bureij camp
Eight new cases of covid-19 re-imposes lock down on Bureij camp
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Gaza, ALRAY- Palestinian Health ministry and Interior ministry based in Gaza re-imposed on Wednesday partial lockdown on Buraij camp in central Gaza strip after announcing eight covid-19 cases in the camp that has no connection with any previous cases.

The two ministries explained in a joint statement that within the usual random surveys of the Coronavirus that are carried out by the Ministry of Health in all areas of the Gaza Strip, it was found that there are eight new infections in Al-Bureij camp, of unknown source, and they were not linked to previous cases.

Tawfiq Abu Naim, undersecretary of the ministry of interior in the Gaza Strip said that the ministry put a plan to coexist with measures to confront the Coronavirus, which was distributed to theministries; in order to study the ability to apply it  according to the continuous assessment of the epidemiological situation. 

Applying and following the precaution measures during the past months played a major role in banning the spread of coronavirus.

He explained that it is difficult to keep a tight lockdown for a long time; It had to be partially mitigated and gradually reduced; So that we preserve the economic system, and the citizens can meet their needs