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Israel issues 13 demolishing orders to Palestinian houses in Silwan
Israel issues 13 demolishing orders to Palestinian houses in Silwan
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Occupied Jerusalem, ALRAY - Crews of Israeli occupation municipality in occupied Jerusalem distributed on Monday administrative demolishing orders to a number of Palestinian houses in Silwan town southern Al-Aqsa mosque, under the pretext of unlicensed building.

Fakhree Abu Deyab, member of the Committee for the Defense of Silwan Lands said that crews of Israeli occupation municipality escorted by Israeli police stormed al-Basateen and Karem Asheikh neighborhood in Silwan town and distributed 13 demolishing orders to Palestinian houses, under the pretext of unlicensed building.  

Abu Deyab explained that the houses have been constructed more than a decade, and inhabited of people; the number of residents in each house ranged form70 -80 persons, most of them are children.

Israeli occupation municipality refuses to give construction license to Palestinians, and the issuance of organizational plans for the Jerusalem neighborhoods, specifically the town of Silwan, as a part of Israeli systematic plans to seize all Palestinian properties in occupied Jerusalem.

Abu Deyab added that Israeli policy in occupied Jerusalem forced Jerusalemites to build their houses without having construction license, despite their fearing of being expelled out their landsز

Israeli courts has held trials for 34 Palestinian family from Silwan town, since the beginning of 2020, on charges of building without permits; it fined them heavy amounts with a total value of one million and 40 thousand shekels.

Israeli occupation authorities ban construction in 86% of Silwan area of ​​6,540 dunums, while the buildings in the rest area of Silwan, which is 14%, has been constructed since 1967.  

Abu Deyab explained that Israeli policy aims to isolated Palestinian neighborhoods in occupied Jerusalem from each other in order to force its control over the lands, forcing Palestinians to leave.

Few years ago, Israeli occupation authorities issued demolishing orders to 88 Palestinian houses in al-Basateen neighborhood that are inhabited with more them 1500 Palestinians, in order to construct Judaization projects and Talmudic gardens that serve the myth of the alleged temple.