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Haniyeh: Hamas a unique addition to Palestinian struggle against Israeli occupation
Haniyeh: Hamas a unique addition to Palestinian struggle against Israeli occupation
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Gaza, ALRAY - Head of Hamas Political Bureau Ismail Haniyeh said on Sunday evening that his movement has rehabilitated option of resistance in all forms and has had its own impression on the Palestinian struggle.


In a televised speech broadcast on Al-Aqsa TV to mark the 33rd anniversary of Hamas, Haniyeh stressed that his movement has managed to build a “solid base” for the Palestinian resistance in Gaza and develop deterrence theories.


“Hamas has truly contributed to the resistance option as a strategic option and has managed to convince our people and Ummah that the option of resistance is fruitful,” Haniyeh confirmed.


Haniyeh pointed out that his movement along with all Palestinian and national and Islamic factions are able to remain committed to the constants of the Palestinian cause.


This year’s anniversary comes amid enormous developments and variables that have deeply affected the Palestinian cause and the Arab and Muslim world, Haniyeh explained, calling for thoroughly considering these variables to determine a vision to face off the Israeli occupation.


“The establishment of Hamas is an extension of our people’s long-standing struggle and continuous resistance,” Haniyeh continued.


Activating resistance


Haniyeh emphasised that Hamas is pursuing four tracks in the forthcoming phase: first, activating and improving the option of resistance in all stages to compel the Israeli occupation to recognise Palestinian rights; second, embracing comprehensive resistance in all forms and at all levels, including the popular and armed ones.


“On its 33rd anniversary, Hamas is committed to this option and strategy,” Haniyeh added.


Hamas will work with all Palestinian segments in the occupied West Bank to activate the option of resistance against the Israeli occupation, Haniyeh demonstrated.  


National unity


Since its establishment, Haniyeh affirmed, Hamas has upheld Palestinian unity, reconciliation and partnership among all Palestinians and called for ending the intra-Palestinian division and restructuring all leading Palestinian political and national bodies, including the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) and all institutions running and administrating Palestinian affairs at home and abroad.


Haniyeh added that his movement had made all concessions needed to achieve a breakthrough in reconciliation efforts.


Regretting the Palestinian Authority’s (PA) decision to restore ties with the Israeli occupation, Haniyeh pointed out that this move had presented an enormous obstacle to making a breakthrough in unity talks.


Haniyeh reiterated that Hamas is ready to form a unified Palestinian program to face off all plots targeting the Palestinian cause.


“Today we’re facing very serious projects intended to liquidate the Palestinian cause, either through the “deal of the century” annexation plans, or normalisation,” Haniyeh continued.


Haniyeh denounced the wave of normalisation between some Arab countries and the Israeli occupation as a “crime that neither any Palestinian nor any Arab and Muslim can accept.”


Normalisation paves the way for the Israeli occupation to undermine the Arab and Muslim unity and assert its dominance in the region, Haniyeh explained.


The Hamas chief urged for unifying the Palestinian decision-making, adding that his movement is extending its hand to achieve a true partnership and restore PLO organisations among all Palestinian institutions.


The Arab and Muslim world


Haniyeh confirmed that the Palestinian people are in a bad need for support from the Arab and Muslim world and the free people of the world.


The top Hamas official called on all elites of all nations, either those that have normalised ties with the Israeli occupation or not, to clearly reject normalisation and raise public awareness towards the Palestinian cause.


 “The challenges are enormous and the dangers are real,” Haniyeh continued. “But, we are confident that the occupation is doomed to end and that the Palestinian people will establish their full sovereign, independent state on all of the Palestinian territories.”


Openness to the Ummah


The chief of Hamas Political Bureau stressed that his movement has managed to build a true partnership with the Arab and Muslim world through its strategy of openness to all segments of the region and the free people of the world, putting the Palestinian cause back on top of the Arab and Muslim world’s agenda.


However, Hamas has persevered the independence of the Palestinian decision-making and its policies, Haniyeh noted, adding that his movement’s approach is based on advancing the interests of the Palestinian people.


Prisoners’ deal


Addressing Palestinian detainees in Israeli prisons, Haniyeh said that Hamas along with Palestinian resistance factions are sparing no effort to release them from Israeli jails.


Haniyeh added that Hamas, which had struck the Wafa al-Ahrar exchange agreement, is able to a reach a new prisoner swap deal and release all Palestinian detainees from Israeli prisons.