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Gantz holds secret meeting with Jordanian King Abdullah
Gantz holds secret meeting with Jordanian King Abdullah
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West Bank, ALRAY - Israeli army minister and head of Blue and white party Benny Gantz held a secret meeting with King Abdullah in Jordan on Friday, Ynet reveals on Sunday.  

The paper noted that Gantz has told Blue& White members in a zoom call that he had held a meet with King Abdullah and he is in constant contact with the King of Jordan and other officials in Amman, and he has confidence that the two countries can cooperate in dozens of fields.

Deputy of Israeli prime minister said that relation with Jordan is an
enormous advantage to Israel, and it would have been a thousand times better.

Gantz stated that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was an unwelcomed figure in the kingdom.

In the few recent months Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs, Gabi Ashkenazi, met the Jordanian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ayman Safadi, twice.