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Gazans express solidarity with Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails
Gazans express solidarity with Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails
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Press TV, Gaza - Prisoner rights activists and families of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons held a sit-in inside the office of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Gaza.


They protested to drum up support for thousands of Palestinian prisoners and demanded an end to Israel’s inhumane treatment of Palestinian political prisoners.


Some five thousand Palestinian prisoners are held in 24 Israeli prisons and detention centers.


Palestinian prisoners see no end in sight to their suffering as around four hundred of them are being held without charge or trial under the so-called administrative detention where incarceration periods can be renewed indefinitely.


Many Palestinian prisoners suffer from also chronic illnesses and are denied proper medical treatment by Israel’s Prison Service who runs Israeli prisons. Dozens of prisoners suffer from cancer and other life-threatening diseases.


Palestinian inmates are more vulnerable now with the absence of vital preventive measures during the coronavirus pandemic.


Experts say that the protection Israel enjoys from some countries like the United States gives it the green light to continue to violate the rights of Palestinian prisoners.