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On Mother’s Day, 12 Palestinian mothers in Israeli jails deprived of seeing their children
On Mother’s Day, 12 Palestinian mothers in Israeli jails deprived of seeing their children
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Ramallah, ALRAY - At least 12 mothers out of 39 Palestinian female prisoners held in Israeli jails are subjected to severe conditions and bitterness of deprivation of children, said Commission of Detainees’ and Ex-Detainees Affairs.

The commission added that as many peoples across the world celebrate the occasion of Mother’s Day marking 21 March, children of the imprisoned mothers missed their mums on this day as well as on every day of the year.

The commission pointed out that the Palestinian mothers held in Israeli jails are: Isra Jaabis, Khaleda Jarrar, Fadwa Hamadeh, Amani Hashim, Hilweh Hamamreh, Nisreen Hassan, Inas Asafreh, Aya Khatib, Iman Awar, Khitam Saafin, Shurouq Badan, and Anhar al-Deek (pregnant detainee).

The occasion of the Mother’s Day comes at a time the imprisoned mothers are deprived of seeing their children and families on the pretext of false security pretenses, the commission noted.

It indicated that the mothers held behind bars in Israeli jails are living difficult psychological conditions due to extreme anxiety and stress and the continual thinking of their children’s conditions and the way they live without their mums.

The commission went on to say that the most ruthless thing for the imprisoned mother is when her husband is also held in prison, which means that their children have to live unaccompanied by the care of their parents.

The commission also pointed out that the female prisoners are subjected to all forms of pressure and disturbing arbitrary measures, including medical negligence, breaking into their cells, and imposing penalties against them, making their living and detention conditions highly difficult.

It indicated that the Israeli occupation authorities have detained more than 17 thousand Palestinian women since 1967, noting to their great national role alongside the Palestinian men in bearing their responsibilities in the struggle against the Israeli occupation.

The commission called upon the international community for the necessity to work at all levels for the release of the Palestinian mothers and women incarcerated in Israeli jails and to provide adequate support to protect them and their children from the arrogance of the occupation.

According to Palestinian figures, over 4,500 Palestinians, including 39 women and 170 children, are currently languishing in Israeli detention jails.

At least 700 of the prisoners suffer from chronic illnesses and require regular medical care, 10 of them are suffering from different types of cancer.