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Turkish businessmen to boost investment in Palestine
Turkish businessmen to boost investment in Palestine
The Mavi Marmara Martyrs' Monument at Gaza sea port
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Gaza, Alray - Turkish Businessmen intend to increase Turkish investment projects in the Palestinian territories and to boost the export volume of Palestine, Anadolu Agency reported.

 Head of the Association of Turkish-Palestinian Businessmen Cemal Mustafa said upon a two-day closed meeting in Ramallah on July 27th and 28th that they would "invest USD 50 million to increase the export of Palestine.

Mustafa noted that the Association also wanted to organize an international fair in Turkish capital Ankara to exhibit Palestinian products.

Ramallah economy minister Jawad al-Naji added that "We will provide all support to the Turkish businessmen,"

He added that they would join the Conference on Development and Improvement of the Palestine's Economy to be attended by the European Union (EU) as well as Turkish and Palestinian government.