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Israeli cabinet votes to allow flag march next Tuesday
Israeli cabinet votes to allow flag march next Tuesday
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Occupied Jerusalem, ALRAY - Israeli cabinet voted on Tuesday to allow the flag march to take place in Jerusalem’s Old City next Tuesday, June 15, with a route to be decided between the rally's organizers and police.

Hebrew channel 12 reported that the decision to allow the flag march came under pressure from Israeli Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Israeli minister of Internal security Amir Ohana. It is agreed to postpone the march to Tuesday next week and after the new government took the constitutional oath before the Knesset next Sunday.

Netanyahu quoted as saying, in a close meeting, that flag march must be held, we must not knee to Hamas. Those who think that the march is intended to thwart the formation of the new government are mistaken. It is our right to conduct the march. 


During the meeting, security officials warned that the parade's traditional route, which passes through the Damascus Gate, the Muslim Quarter and ending in the Western Wall, could lead to a flare-up in tensions not only within the city but possibly also in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and other locations across Israel.

MK Itamar Ben Jubayr of the "Religious Zionism" party also attacked the decision, saying that "Hamas is running matters in Jerusalem and because of it the march was canceled."

The announcement came after a wide debate in the Israeli political and security levels about conducting the march that the settlers failed to complete on the so-called “Jerusalem Unification Day” on the tenth of last May, after the Qassam Brigades launched its rockets towards occupied Jerusalem, marking the start of an 11-day Israeli aggression on Gaza.

The "Religious Zionism" party, in cooperation with 6 right-wing settler groups, announced a few days ago the organization of a "compensation flags dance" march next Thursday, June 10, but the occupation police prevented it.