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Palestinian official : sharp humanitarian crisis threatens Gaza
Palestinian official : sharp humanitarian crisis threatens Gaza
Rafah crossing
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Gaza, Alray - Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs(PMFA)  warned of humanitarian crisis if Egypt continues closing the Rafah crossing that is the sole crossing used for the entry of goods and necessary needs to the besieged Gaza Strip.

It called for all the interested parties to interfere to reopen the crossing .

The ministry said in a statement, it is necessary to open all the Gaza crossings and to press on Israel  to end the unjust blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip for nearly seven years.

"The situation in Gaza is exacerbated as Egypt closed the Rafah crossing on July 5 leading to sharp deterioration in all living aspects as it is the only crossing that connects Gaza with the world outside  especially after the closure of all Gaza outlets by Israel." The PMFA added.

"The turmoil is working at its reduced capacity. Egyptian citizens in Gaza, patients who have medical referrals , and individuals holding foreign passports are only permitted to leave Gaza." The ministry said , pointing out that about 150 passengers leave the strip every day now.