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Did Fatah spread "black lies" against Hamas in Egypt?
Did Fatah spread "black lies" against Hamas in Egypt?
One of the documents proving Fatah colluded with Egyptian media to demonize Hamas
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Khalid Amayreh

The documents which seemed fairly bona fide and underwent no doctoring whatsoever, showed that Fatah's intelligence elements transferred deliberately concocted intelligence information, alleging that Hamas was smuggling weapons and bombs into Egypt for the purpose of destabilizing the country and undermining its security.

Earlier, Fatah disseminated false information claiming that Hamas was involved in terrorist attacks carried out by al-Qaeda gunmen against Egyptian police targets in the Sinai Peninsula. Hamas argues seemingly sincerely it has no interest whatsoever in undermining relations with Egypt. With the more or less hermetic Israeli siege, Egypt serves as the Gaza Strip's only "lung" to the outside world.

Fatah also pumped out disinformation to the notoriously mendacious Egyptian media claiming that the deposed democratically-elected President, Dr. Muhammed Mursi, had been negotiating with Hamas the establishment of an Islamist Emirate in Sinai.

These and similar obscene lies were readily received by the vehemently anti-Islamist media in Egypt, especially those funded by Coptic Tycoon Najib Swaris and Arabian Intelligence agencies.

Even Egyptian state-run media outlets, such as Sawt el-Arab (the Voice of the Arabs and Al-Ahram newspaper) parroted these brash lies without patting an eyelash. Which really shows the low level that most Egyptian media outlets have stooped to especially in the past few months.

There is no doubt that Fatah, or certain elements within the Palestinian national secular movement, is rabidly interested in tarnishing the image of Hamas, its political and ideological archrival, by hook or by crook. Fatah, especially since Hamas wrested control over the Gaza Strip following democratic elections in 2006, has been trying rather rabidly to demonize and vilify Hamas, often using virulent canards and black lies.

Unfortunately, some of this black propaganda, was further disseminated by Israeli and Western media without any modicum of ascertainment. For example, it was repeatedly claimed in 2007-8 that Hamas militiamen were throwing opponents off the rooftops of multi-story buildings in Gaza. Fortunately, this big lie was eventually refuted and debunked, but not after it inflected the intended damage. (By the way the pornographically mendacious Egyptian media has been indulging in similar lies about the Muslim Brothers and President Mursi supporters).

Reacting to Hamas's latest revelations, Fatah and Palestinian Authority denied that they were involved in this treasonous disgrace, claiming that Hamas was lying and trying to vilify Fatah.

However, Fatah's defensive reflexes seemed to conceal a certain proclivity to incite the undemocratic military authorities in Cairo against Palestinian Islamists.

Eventually, this propensity evolved into vociferous street demonstrations by Fatah supporters in solidarity with Egypt’s bloody coup.

To Fatah's chagrin, the anti-Hamas incitement swiftly morphed into a rabid and sweeping anti-Palestinian hysteria as Egyptian media outlets began calling for murdering Palestinians in Egypt. One typical TV commentator remarked that "Palestinians are our enemies and ought to be killed in the streets like stray dogs." His virulent remarks, many pundits say, represented the norm not the exception.

Fatah's embassy in Cairo reportedly said it was willing to launch an investigation into the charges. This should be a positive step, at least ostensibly. However, the PA office in the Egyptian capital can't really launch a real, credible inquiry into the latest scam since intelligence officers at the embassy are not answerable to the ambassador but report directly to the Ramallah, often without the knowledge of the embassy's officials.

The anti-Palestinian incitement permeating through the Egyptian media is undoubtedly a disgraceful behavior, marking the nadir of that media. But what can we expect from a media apparatus that lies as often as it breathes? By the way, this sorry state of affair didn't start yesterday or the day before. The bulk of the Egyptian media has always been notoriously, even pornographically mendacious.

Just remember Ahmed Said who told us on the fifth of June, 1967, that the Egyptian army was overrunning Tel Aviv and that Israeli warplanes were falling down like flies!!! We know the rest of the story.

It is imperative that the government in Ramallah carry out a credible investigation into this affair. This is extremely important in order to allow our people to know the truth.

We certainly don't want to build a Palestinian state on a foundation of lies. In all countries that respect themselves, Civil servants and public figures who are proven to have committed a perjury are punished and made to bear an indelible stigma for the rest of lives. This also should be the case in occupied Palestine, otherwise our contemplated state would be just another failed state.

Lying is probably the next most hideous crime after murder. Nearly all crimes, including treason, corruption, etc, begin with lying. This is why the Prophet Muhammed ( S) stressed that a Muslim can't be a liar since faith and lying can not coexist in a believer's heart.

Had Egypt and other Arab countries punished liars from the very inception of their modern independence, they wouldn't have reached the sorry state of affair they are now facing.

In 1952, when King Farouk was deposed, Egypt was at the same socio-economic level of countries such as South Korea and China .

Now, South Korea and India are economic superpowers while Egypt is effectively a failed state, begging handouts from everywhere.

The reason is clear, the Egyptian political establishment, ever since Gamal Abdul Nasser, adopted lying and falsification of facts as its modus operandi. Eventually, this impotent and incompetent establishment enabled a little army general, who can hardly read a correct Arabic sentence to overthrow a democratically-elected President who has a Ph.D. in Engineering from the University of Southern California.

Hence, one is prompted to ask the following question: Should we Palestinians follow the example of Egypt or South Korea. I think the answer very much depends on our willingness to tolerate lies and lying…because lying corrodes societies and prevents progress and development.