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Palestinian popular conference condemns Saudi rulings against Palestinians
Palestinian popular conference condemns Saudi rulings against Palestinians
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West Bank, ALRAY - The Palestinian popular conference condemned the unjust rulings issued in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia against a group of Palestinian and Jordanian personalities, claiming their support for the Palestinian cause.

Munib Shafiq, Secretary General of the Conference said in a statement on Monday that these rulings reflect the Saudi political policy which contradicts with its declared policies in the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. It noted that it harms the Palestinian cause and the Arab situation as a whole, and it is one of the factors that led to the collapse of the Arab system, and the exacerbation of the condemned, failed, and fallen phenomenon of scrambling with the Zionist enemy.


Shafiq stressed the popular’ Congress' condemnation of these provisions, and considered them offensive to the Arab and Islamic nation, as well as to Saudi Arabia, and only the Zionist enemy rejoices in them.


He called on to reconsider all the policies that weakened the Arab situation, and the judicial rulings of this humiliation.


The Saudi Criminal Court had issued its rulings against a number of Palestinian and Jordanian detainees, ranging between acquittal and imprisonment for 22 years, subject to appeal after 40 days.


It is noteworthy that Saudi Arabia arrested more than 60 Jordanians and Palestinians residing in it in February 2019, including the former representative of the Islamic Resistance Movement "Hamas" in the Kingdom, Muhammad al-Khudari, on charges they deny being true, namely "providing financial support to the Palestinian resistance."