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Bennet bans Gantz from meeting Abbas, assigning Lapid
Bennet bans Gantz from meeting Abbas, assigning Lapid
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West Bank, ALRAY - Israeli prime minister Naftali Bennett banned Israeli army minister Benny Gantz from holding a meet with the head of Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas, Hebrew media sources revealed on Sunday.


According to Hebrew channel 12 Gantz expressed his disappointment of Bennett refusal to his request to meet Abbas, stressing that he is the highest and most appropriate official in the Israeli government to negotiate with the Palestinian president.


Gantz noted that meeting Abas would enhance and improve the security coordination between Israeli intelligence and army and the Palestinian security services.


The channel reported that Gantz objected Bennet policy of running himself the negotiations with Abbas, and warned that assigning Foreign Minister Yair Lapid to hold meeting with Abbas will bring tangible political consequences that Israel does not want to face at the moment.


The channel neither revealed the reason for Bennet refusal nor Gantz objection to assigning Lapid to meet Abbas, but it noted that Gantz pays great attention to negotiating with Abbas and working to strengthen ties between "Israel" and the Palestinian Authority.


Gantz has made a phone call with Abbas last month, while Bennett has yet to communicate with him.