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Docs Demonstrating Fatah-run Campaign to Demonize Hamas in Egyptian Media
Docs Demonstrating Fatah-run Campaign to Demonize Hamas in Egyptian Media
Fatah correpondance letters
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Gaza, Alray - Government Media Office (GMO) has released an English version of the documents Hamas aired late Tuesday, proving Fatah movement involved in a media campaign aimed at demonizing Hamas in the eyes of Egyptians through Arab-based media during recent political unrest in Egypt.

The documents are correspondance letters of officials of Palestinian Security Services ( Intelligence and Preventive Security) and the Secretary General of the Palestinian presidency and Fatah movement and the Palestine Embassy in Cairo. They demonstrate the parties are complicit in a campaign to incite against Hamas by forming security and media networks to shape public opinion in Egypt that Hamas is responsible for kidnapping and killing Egyptian soldiers in Sinai peninsula, in collaboration with  Salafist and Jihadists groups.

The documents also highlight the role played by security officials and Palestinian politicians through a media network formed by Office of the Mobilization and Organization of Fatah movement in inventing news stories that found publicity in anti-Hamas, MB Egyptian and Arab media.

They claim that Palestinian security services try to implicate Hamas in the security instability in Egypt after the ouster of the Morsi, by stealing bombs stamped with the sign of the military wing of Hamas Al-Qassam, by and preparing a scenario to accuse Hamas of sending car bombs to Egypt.

They also say that Hamas interferes in Egypt's internal affairs through dispatching al-Qassam Brigades fighters to Rabea al-Adawiya Square in Egypt, and offers protection for senior Muslim Brotherhood leaders, most notably General Guide Mohamed Badie.

The documents also claim that ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi was informed of Hamas' involvement in joint activity with Muslim Brotherhood elements and that he sought to use that as a cover to fire leaders of the former junta headed by Lieutenant-General Hussein Tantawi, as well as to remove military officers disloyal to him.




Date: 17 March 2013

State of Palestine

Office of the President


General Majid Faraj,

Head of General Intelligence

Dear Mr Faraj,

Based on your correspondence sent to Mr. President on March 14th, 2013, the appointment of two advisors to the Higher Security Committee on the Egyptian Affairs has been approved:

Major General Ma'mun Haroon Rasheed, Director of External Security Department.

Major General Jamal Hasouna, Head of Intelligence in Southern Governorates.


Al-Tayeb Abdul Rahim,

Secretary-General of the Presidency




Date: 10 June 2013

Palestine National Liberation Movement-Fatah‎‎

Mobilization and Organization Commission-Foreign Regions (FR)



Mr Jihad Harazin,‎

Media and Intellectual Mobilization Commissioner

‎Subject: Forming Media Network


With reference to the aforesaid subject, we decided, based on the recommendations ‎of ‎Palestinian Security Services approved by the Palestinian leadership, to establish a ‎media ‎network to take part in making news stories that would embarrass Hamas and implicate it ‎as a party to the unrest in Egypt. To realize that goal, we recommend the ‎following outlines to be adopted:

1-      The security attaché Bashir Abu Hatab and you review all the news stories ‎before ‎being dispatched to Egyptian and International media, so that all of ‎them ‎would serve the hereinbefore goal.

2-      The news stories prepared shall be sent to the following Egyptian and Arab media: ‎newspapers (Al-Ahram, Youm7, Al-Masry Al-Youm, Al-Dostor, Al-Wafd, Al-‎Shrouq, Al-‎Badeel), and TV channels (Al-Tahreer, Sadat El Balad, Veto Gate, ‎Al Faraeen, Al Mehwal-Fajer, Dream, Al Arabiya, CBC, CNTV, Al ‎Nahar, ‎as well as Masr El-Gdida Radio and other Gulf channels.

3-      To refer to some news reports as leaked from a reliable Hamas source, or as ‎presumed Hamas's ‎intentions, and to highlight splits within Hamas ‎and ‎Muslim Brotherhood affiliates.

All the stories shall highlight presumed Hamas activities in support of ‎Muslims ‎Brotherhood in Egypt and Hamas's interference in Egypt's internal affairs‏.‏


Sincerely Yours,

Jamal Muheisen,

Mobilization and Organization Commissioner

Official stamp of Mobilization and Organization Commissioner-FR





Date: 24 June 2013‎


Embassy of State of Palestine-Cairo

Circular to Embassy Functionaries


Upon the request of the Palestinian leadership and in order to protect the supreme ‎‎national interest, we invite you to participate with your families in 30 June ‎‎demonstrations in Tahrir Square, announced by Tamarod group, calling for the ‎ouster ‎of the fascist Muslim Brotherhood regime.‎


Embassy of State of Palestine

Official Stamp of Embassy of State of Palestine





Date: 28 June 2013

Palestine National Liberation Movement-Fatah ‎

Mobilization and Organization Commission-Foreign Regions (FR)


Ambassador Barakat al-Farra

Subject:  Participation in 30 June Revolution


Dear Mr Al-Farra,‎

We kindly ask you to communicate with the Palestinian community in Egypt to push ‎them ‎into taking to the streets and squares, particularly Tahrir Square, to support 30 ‎June ‎revolution, in order to prove to the Egyptian leadership that Palestinian people ‎stand with the Egyptians and to ‎embarrass Hamas.‎


Sincerely Yours,

Jamal Muhaisen,

Mobilization and Organization Commissioner-FR

Official Stamp of Mobilization and Organization Commission-FR




Date: 2 July 2013


State of Palestine

General Intelligence


Major General Jamal Hasouna,

Head of Intelligence-Southern Governorates


Subject: Hamas Detains One of Our Gaza Officers ‎


With reference to the above subject, Officer Mohammed Fawzi Abu Daiya has come from Egypt to the Gaza Strip in mid-June ‎‎2013 to visit his family. The Gaza internal security of the coup government detained him ‎and confiscated his laptop computer. A source informed us that Mr. Abu Daiyya had not ‎delete the folders of the security reports on the laptop. We expect that Hamas acquired ‎the reports and is now studying and analyzing them which shall put some of our ‎information sources working in the Gaza Strip at risk. We expect that Hamas's reaction shall ‎be embodied in communicating the information and the documentation of all our activities ‎in Egypt thereof and the security news stories prepared and released to the media ‎agencies over the past few days, which would allow Hamas to locate the identity of the ‎media security committee assigned to make and prepare these news stories. Therefore, ‎we have expected the worst possible scenarios and thus prepare a media scenario suitable to ‎respond to it in case Hamas would spread the documents. ‎

I have contacted the committee in Egypt and some preventive actions have been already ‎taken such as changing phone numbers and emails and deleting the contents of the emails. ‎

We are trying to recognize Hamas' reaction to the documents. ‎


Sincerely Yours,

Colonel Shaban al-Gherbawi,

Head of Intelligence-Gaza City

Official Stamp ‎‎ ‎of Head of Intelligence-Southern Governorates





Date: 2 July 2013


State of Palestine

General Intelligence


General Majid Faraj,

Head of General Intelligence



Dear Mr Majid,

The group of reports hereafter are sent from our officers in the Gaza Strip and Egypt to be re‎viewed and reacted to, and released to media by the agreed committee. The reports ‎include seven documents as follows:

-          Reports stating that ‎Palestinian elements are behind kidnapping of Egyptian army soldiers in Sinai peninsula attack, and that Hamas knows who is ‎responsible for the operation, and that Morsi also is also informed but ‎ignores the army. (DCN: 1)‎

-          A report on the implications of the release of the kidnapped army militants. (DCN: 2)‎

-          A report that gives general information about the kidnappers. (DCN: 3)‎

-          A report on the names of the kidnappers. (DCN:4)‎

-          A report stating that a number of al-Tawheed wa al-Jihad (Salafist-Jihadist group) elements from Gaza had access to Sinai peninsula ‎to carry out acts of sabotage. (DCN: 5)‎

-          A report stating that Hamas met with leaders of Muslim Brotherhood and Salafists in the ‎Gaza Strip to put a plan to counter the expected 30 June revolution, and that MB leaders Khaiyrat El-Shatir ‎and Kazem Abu Ismail visited Hamas's leadership in Gaza for that purpose. (DCN: 6)‎

-          A report detailing access of MB leader Khaiyrat El-Shatir to the Gaza Strip. (DCN: 7)‎


Kindly Accept Our Regards,

Jamal Hasouna Major General

Official Stamp of General Intelligence-Southern Governorates


Date: 2 July 2013

DCN: 1


State of Palestine

General Intelligence



Subject: Kidnapping Egyptian army soldiers in Sinai Peninsula


Kidnapping soldiers in Sinai peninsula by Salafist militants has further complicated the relationship ‎between the Egypt's presidency on one hand and the Egyptian army and Intelligence ‎Service on the other. ‎

Media say the Egyptian army and Intelligence Service have information that ‎Palestinian elements from the Gaza Strip are behind the kidnapping of Egyptian soldiers. ‎

The disagreement between the army and Morsi arose after the army had asked the President ‎for a green light to completely demolish the Gaza-Egypt border tunnels, but he refused. ‎

Consequently, the Egyptian army and police closed Rafah border terminal and al-Arish ‎airport and the roads leading to Egyptian Rafah city in North Sinai.

We have confirmed reports stating that MB ordered its elements to head to Rafah ‎terminal to open it by force. A clash erupted between the police and MB affiliates ‎resulted in one injury among the later. 

In light of these developments, the Egyptian army announced its rejection of ‎Morsi's policy and MB's request of negotiating with the kidnappers. ‎

We have also reports stating that Morsi and his movement (MB) have secretly negotiated with ‎Sinai Bedouin tribes despite the army and intelligence's opposition. ‎

It seems that the army took a decision to liberate the kidnapped soldiers by force. There is ‎an attitude among the army and intelligence leaders that Hamas leaders should be banned ‎entry to Egypt during this period and Hamas with its security leadership is held responsible ‎for kidnapping the Egyptian soldiers. ‎

Leaders of the Egyptian army, media workers, and elites demands Morsi to withdraw Egyptian ‎citizenship from Hamas leaders, particularly Mahmoud El-Zahar. ‎

Morsi knows for sure that Palestinian elements, known to Hamas, are informed of ‎who are the kidnappers, and where the kidnapped are held. Morsi refuses to ‎cooperate with the state institutions particularly the security services in this regard.‎

Kidnapping the Egyptian soldiers at this very time shall not pass without affecting the relationship between ‎Egypt's presidency and the security institutions. A clash is looming ‎between the presidency and the army since Hamas has ‎exceeded the red lines by sending its elements to open the Rafah terminal by force on one hand, ‎and since Morsi has negotiated with the kidnappers despite the army's discontent and, collaborated with Hamas leadership in Gaza on this regard turning away ‎from the Egyptian institutions, particularly Intelligence Service.  ‎

Finally, Fathi Hammad (Gaza Ministry of Interior) and al-Qassam leader Marwan Issa have met Ismail Haniyeh in his office to discuss the developments concerning the Egyptian soldiers. ‎Haniyeh asked the attendees to be on standby for possible clashes ‎between the Egyptian army and Muslim Brotherhood.‎






Date: 2 July 2013

DCN: 2


State of Palestine

General Intelligence



Subject: Releasing Kidnapped Soldiers


The kidnapping and releasing of the Egyptian army troop have been aided by Hamas and noticed by MB. The kidnapped were released in agreement between MB, with ‎the Egyptian security apparatus uninformed. The MB ordered the Sinai attack to be carried out to enable the Egyptian presidency to:

-          Weaken the army leaders so as to fire those that Morsi considers disloyal.‎

-          Fire a number of officials of Intelligence Service loyal to Mubarak regime, and known to have tortured MB leaders during the Mubarak era.

-          Make Sinai an open space for Hamas activity and facilitate smuggling through the ‎ border tunnels with Gaza.

-          Push the army to retract destroying tunnels. ‎

-          Allow the MB to oversee Fatah elements and Palestinian security services based ‎in Egypt after Hamas took over Gaza, given that Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Zahar and MB leader ‎Issam al-Erian stated that Fatah leader Mohammed Dahlan is behind ‎kidnapping, in an attempt to warn the Egyptian ‎people that UAE is complicit with Fatah leaders in weakening the MB rule in Egypt ‎by accusing it (UAE) of the instability in Sinai.

The MB asked Hamas media to highlight the UAE as a ‎country backing terrorism in Sinai peninsula through Egypt-based Fatah elements, ‎and stream fabrications about the UAE's security role in Sinai peninsula and Gaza. Hamas accuses the UAE of smuggling drugs, cars, and arms to Gaza through the ‎Israeli and Gaza borders.

A prominent MB figure accompanied by the Al-Qassam leader Raed al-Attar ‎visited the kidnapped soldiers and pledged to ‎release in 24 hours.

The list of names reported by the Egyptian media as linked to the attack are false; most of them are drugs and arms dealers and criminals wanted by security services.

The Salafist groups work in al-Arish guided by Hamas and MB. ‎They asked Morsi to release a number of its elements convicted of Taba and Dahab bombings in 2004 and 2006 respectively.

Morsi agreed to release all Sinai Salafists providing that:

-          The release ‎takes place away from the media.

-          The released depart Sinai peninsula to Gaza and Libya for 2 ‎years.

-          The Sinai peninsula Bedouins help Hamas stockpile and smuggle arms to Gaza.

Morsi, Issam El-Erian, and Khairat el-Shatir asked the selected notables of Sinai peninsula to dig ‎new tunnels in place of the ones demolished by the army and to keep anyone from ‎ demolishing them.

They also wanted the tunnels to be exclusive for smuggling ‎arms and individuals and be guarded by MB elements.‎

Remark: he who received the soldiers and delivered them to North Sinai Mayer is Sheikh Ibrahim ‎Ermilat (Abu Sameh). ‎





‎ Date: 2 July 2013

DCN: 3


State of Palestine

General Intelligence



Subject: Information about One of the Egyptian Soldiers’ Kidnappers


Kamal Al-Sharif is a Jordanian passport holder of Palestinian origin. ‎

The above mentioned person works as a field commander and moves between Rafah and Sinai ‎peninsula through the border tunnels. He has a good relation with Al-Qassam leader in Rafah city ‎Mohammed Abu Shamalah, who provides help and protection for him and for his fellow guards inside ‎Rafah. ‎

Kamal Al-Sharif participated in killing attack against the Egyptian soldiers in Ramadan last year. ‎

He was also amongst the attackers blew up the Egyptian gas pipeline to Israel and Jordan.‎

He participated in kidnapping Egyptian soldiers last week. He entered Gaza immediately after the ‎kidnapping operation with the help of Khaled Al-bal'awi, the person in charge of tunnels. ‎

He is currently in Rafah. All kidnappers withdraw to near the Gaza Strip and particularly the Egyptian Rafah city, ‎and the Palestinian one. ‎

Given misinformed stories and fabrications about the location of the kidnappers, the Egyptian army is ‎confused. The army, which fully searched the areas of Al-Arish and Sheikh Zwaid, needs to finish this ‎file but short of information about where are kidnappers.  ‎

For its part, Hamas has responded to the Egyptian presidency that Gaza has nothing to do with the ‎kidnap. ‎

A Hamas leader warned the Egyptian army that any military action against Gaza would lead to dire ‎consequences. ‎

Hamas members were instructed to face up to emergency taking place along the Rafah-Egyptian ‎borders. ‎

Al-Qassam Brigades planted hundreds of ground explosives along the borders with Rafah. ‎

Hamas deployed members of (homemade) the rockets unit and the machinegun troop‏ ‏‎(DShK 1938).

Gaza city is now living in anxiety and the people are discontent with Hamas and don’t agree with any ‎confrontations with the Egyptian army. ‎





‎ Date: 2 July 2013

DCN: 4


State of Palestine

General Intelligence



Subject: Names of Egyptian soldiers’ Kidnappers, Updates on Sinai


Two weeks ago, we sent you the names of some of the Salafist and Jihadist groups who were planning ‎to kidnap foreign soldiers of the international forces- but failed. Then, they waited for a long time to ‎carry out a kidnapping operation to serve their benefits. With the help of Sinai Bedouins, who seek to ‎release their relatives in Egyptian prisons, the groups kidnapped Egyptian police and army recruits in ‎North Sinai. ‎

List of the names of the kidnappers (previously sent to you):‎

‎-Nor Sobhi Issa (ID No. 802635961, Date of birth: 10/07/1990)‎

‎-Abdullah Mostafa Al-Ashqar (ID No. 4111036924, Date of Birth: 22/03/1984)‎

Armed groups with heavy guns deployed in North Sinai, particularly Sheikh Zwaid and Al-Arish from ‎which a high number of jihadist fighters and Bedouins withdraw to Egyptian Rafah, in which is hard for ‎the Egyptian army to open a front for many reasons: its streets are very narrow, and it's close to the ‎borders with Gaza, and crowded, particularly with wanted criminals, arms dealers and smugglers ‎whose interest is to keep Rafah city out of Egyptian army control, so they could support such groups in their ‎confrontations with the Egyptian army to maintain and protect their trade.   ‎

We continue to work to locate, God willing, the Egyptian soldiers’ kidnappers in Gaza or Sinai.‎






Date: 2 July 2013

DCN: 5


State of Palestine

General Intelligence



Subject: Hamas-aided Tawhid wal-Jihad Group Dispatches Operatives to Sinai Peninsula


Two Salafist militias affiliated to Tawhid wal-Jihad group arrived in Sinai peninsula with Hamas support to ‎carry out kidnap operations. They are planning to kidnap French and other European tourists in South Sinai. The most two prominent of the militias are: ‎

‎-Nour Sobhi Issa (ID No. 802635961, Date of birth: 10/07/1990)‎

‎-Abdullah Abdelsalam Al-Ashqar (ID No. 4111036924, Date of Birth: 22/03/1984)‎

They are the leaders of the militias that comprise 14 members. Their mission is to conduct kidnap ‎attacks in Sinai peninsula. ‎

Now they have already entered the uncharted Sinai peninsula. ‎






Date: 2 July 2013‎

DCN: 6‎


State of Palestine

General Intelligence



Subject: Meeting of Islamic Egyptian Groups in Gaza to Preserve Islamic Rule in ‎Egypt


A meeting of representatives of the groups of Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood, Salafists, ‎and ‎Jihadists has been held on June 12th in Gaza to discuss the threatened, worrisome ‎situation ‎and to keep the Islamists at the head of the government in Egypt. For these ‎goals, they are trying to ‎unify their positions so that they could

‎-  Preserve the threatened Islamists' rule in Egypt through announcing comprehensive ‎mobilization of the groups' elements. ‎

‎- Provide full protection for MB political party. ‎

‎- Secure all forms of support for the elements loyal to MB movement or the parties ‎backing ‎it. ‎

‎- Address any emergencies even if it needs a military confrontation.  ‎

‎- Prepare the cadres throughout all the Egyptian territories to act against all odds.‎

In case the pressure and crackdown on the MB have been intensified, the Salafists ‎shall ‎declare Sinai peninsula a sovereign Islamic state (Caliphate) with an independent ‎judicial system and drive out the Egyptian police, army, and anything could stand ‎against the establishment of the Islamic state. ‎

For Hamas’s part, it would secure a back ‎front for the fighters and supply them with ‎food and arms. ‎

It would also be sending a special force to impose sovereignty over Sinai peninsula ‎and explosives engineering unit to mine the roads through which supplies are shipped ‎to the Egyptian army troops. ‎

Hamas keeps 20000 rifles for the MB and Salafists, to be used at the zero hour. ‎

Leader of Takfir wal Hijra (Salafist group) Mahmoud Jouda said 7000 trained Salafist ‎and Jihadist militants in Gaza have moved to Cairo in coordination with ‎Ismail ‎Haniyeh (Palestinian premier), Ahmed Bahar (Second Speaker of Palestinian ‎Legislative Council) Fawzi Barhoum (Hamas Spokesman) Fathi Hammad (Minister of ‎Interior) Hazem Abu Ismail (Salafist presidential Egyptian candidate), Khairat Al-‎Shatir ‎‎(MB leader), Mahmoud Jouda (Jihadist commander from Gaza), Mumtaz Dugmush ‎‎(Jihadist leader from Gaza), and Kamal al-Sharif (Palestinian-Jordanian Jihadist).‎

This is all what ‎MB needs from its supporters: to show off its power in Egypt. The MB will ‎declare the ‎zero hour to pre-empt any emergencies that pose threat to its regime in ‎Egypt. ‎






Date: 2 July 2013

DCN: 7


State of Palestine

General Intelligence



Subject: Entry of Khairat Al-Shatir to Gaza through Border Tunnels ‎


Khairat Al-Shatir entered Gaza through the tunnels last week with US dollars 5 million to support Al-‎Qassam Brigades in Gaza, enhance security and military cooperation, and build an arsenal to be ‎available in need and for any urgent confrontations and to be used to carry out operations to back ‎Muslims brotherhood. He met Minister of Interior in Gaza and Al-Qassam leaders Marwan Issa and ‎Mohammed Al-Sinwar. ‎

He stayed in Adam Hotel in Gaza city for three days, and visited a training site for Hamas and MB ‎affiliates seeking to form a joint force. ‎

Last Friday, Al-Shatir performed prayers in Falsteen Mosque in Gaza, and went in the evening for lunch ‎with Hamas leaders headed by Ismail Haniyeh. Then he left the Gaza Strip to Egypt through tunnels. As ‎he and his companions were getting out of the tunnels, the Egyptian military intelligence captured ‎them and took their personal mobiles by order of the Egyptian Defense Minister. ‎

He was released on Monday evening, but with his mobile, on which there were photos of Egyptian and ‎Palestinian fighters taken during his visit and phone numbers of military and political leaders of Hamas, ‎confiscated. ‎






Date: 3 July 2013‎

State of Palestine

General Intelligence


Bashir Abu Hatab,‎

Security Attaché at the Palestinian Embassy in Cairo



Dear Mr Bashir,‎

We need a full-fledged scenario to be published in media about Hamas preparing booby-trapped ‎cars ‎to destabilize security in Egypt. We need full details; you can take advantage of our ‎functionaries in ‎Egypt.‎

Ma’moun Rasheed,‎

Manager of General Administration of External Security–General Intelligence

Offical stamp of General Intelligence





Date: 3 July 2013‎


Embassy of State of Palestine-Cairo


Strictly Confidential


Mr. Sami Nasman,‎

Assistant Head of General Intelligence Service-Gaza

Subject: Concerning Egypt's Latest Incidents


We kindly inform you that Officer Ahmed Dugmush acquired four grenades stamped ‎with ‎the sign of Al-Qassam Brigades, from an acquaintance whose brother is an Al-‎Qassam ‎operative in Gaza. ‎

Officer Dugmush suggested to me that the grenades are used as evidence to ‎implicate ‎Hamas in the latest violence at Republican Guard ‎Club, Mansoura, and Maspero in ‎Egypt. ‎

We approved the said story to be invented. A suitable mechanism for that is under ‎‎study. ‎

This correspondence is sent for your review and feedback. ‎


Bashir Abu Hatab,

Security Attaché at the Palestinian Embassy ‎

Official stamp of Embassy of State of Palestine-Cairo




Date: 12 July 2013

State of Palestine

Ministry of Interior

Preventive Security Service



Mr. Bashir Abu Hatab,

Security Attaché at the Palestinian Embassy in Cairo


I received unconfirmed information from one of my relatives suggesting that a number of Muslim ‎Brotherhood leaders are in Gaza. I think it’s a good material to be prepared and written as a news story for release to media at this time, given that, nowadays, Egyptians terribly need information about a Muslim Brotherhood asking for Hamas's help.‎

A proposed body of the news story:‎

Informed sources reported that Muslim Brotherhood leaders Mahmoud Ezzat and Essam ‎Sultan accompanied by leaders of Iranian Revolutionary Guard are staying in Gaza Beach ‎Hotel, and that they are running terrorist operations in Egypt in collaboration with Ayman Nofal and Mohammed Abu Shamala, Hamas military and security leaders.

I think that media would make a fuss over such a news story, thus embarrassing Hamas ‎leadership which would not be able to prove the opposite. ‎


Lieutenant ‎Ahmed Dughmush,

Official stamp of Preventive Security Service






State of Palestine

General Intelligence



Major General Jamal Hasouna, ‎

Head of Intelligence-Gaza Southern Governorates

Subject: Concerning the Published News Story 'MB General Guide Badie ‎accompanied by Hamas Militants'


Dear Mr Hasouna,‎

With reference to the aforementioned news story released on July 7th, 2013 by the ‎media-‎security committee in Egypt concerning the Al-Qassam militants Moe'in ‎‎Dabash, Wajdi Saleh, and Bakr Al-Sabah who appeared on Rabea' Aladawiya's ‎platform close to the ‎Brotherhood Guide Mohamed Badie, I would like you to take ‎note of the following:‎

The media-security committee should have been precise about that story especially ‎that its members are well experienced in media and security issues. How ‎would they ‎publish the names of people currently living in Gaza and didn’t leave it at that time? ‎TV channels like Al ‎Jazeera and Al-Aqsa could have exposed such allegations ‎embarrassing ‎Egyptian media which harms our credibility and our relationship with ‎the ‎pro-revolution media in Egypt.‎

If the committee needs names, we may provide them with such of Gazans who ‎‎traveled to perform pilgrimage, or to get medical treatment in Egypt or names of ‎‎Palestinians stranded in Egypt, which could confirm the news stories and add to their ‎‎credibility. ‎

I have been worried about the recklessness of the media official in the embassy -‎member of the ‎security committee- Jihad Harazin whom Mr. Barakat al-Farra, the ‎Palestinian ‎ambassador, requested many times to be relieved of his duties. ‎


Sincerely Yours,‎

Colonel‎ Sh’aban Gherbawi,‎

Head of Intelligence-Gaza City ‎‎             






Date: 17 July 2013


State of Palestine

General Intelligence



Mr Bashir Abu Hatab,

Security Attaché at the Palestinian Embassy in Cairo


 Subject: Hamas is behind the killing of the Egyptian soldiers in Sinai ‎


We propose to the security-media attaché in Egypt to focus during this period on ‎stories highlighting that Hamas, as a supporter of Morsi regime and a party harmed ‎by the June 30 revolution, stands behind August 2012 armed attack which led to the killing of the Egyptian ‎army soldiers in Sinai Peninsula. I also ask if we could make a news story with the ‎headline "Hamas Opening Front in Sinai to Drag Egyptian ‎Army into Conflict with Israel" that can be used to put pressure on Hamas, or the time is not ‎suitable for that. ‎

Kindly send us your opinion about whether the above story is newsworthy to be prepared. ‎

‎ ‎

Lieutenant Colonel Ahmed Mansour,

Official Stamp of Preventive Security Service





Date: 20 July 2013


State of Palestine

Ministry of Interior

Security Preventive Service


Mr Bashir Abu Hatab,

Security Attaché at the Palestinian Embassy in Cairo


Subject: Sinai Attack and its Link to Hamas


Dear Mr Bashir, ‎In light of the recent attack in Sinai peninsula which saw the death of a high number of ‎Egyptian ‎soldiers provoking outrage among Egyptians, we have prepared several reports proving ‎Hamas ‎had a key role in the attacks, given the late statement of med Beltagy (Secretary ‎General of Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party.‎ I propose to Abed Almo'tee Mabrouk that we publish several reports suggesting that: Hamas fighters have been killed in Sinai peninsula following the attack.‎Hamas tries to hide its affiliates died in Sinai by burying their bodies in Sinai and then ‎declaring them military training deaths. Based on the foresaid ‎suggestion, we need a list of names of Hamas affiliates who live abroad or ‎have been killed recently.For our part, we have collected some names but still they are not enough, so I suggest contacting ‎the ‎security committee in Gaza to collect more potential names to be used in media in the coming ‎days.


Sincerely Yours,‎

Lieutenant Colonel Ahmed Doghmosh

‎Official stamp of Security Preventive Service





‎Date: 22 July 2013‎


General Intelligence

Dear Mr. Fakhri Al Omari, ‎

We kindly ask you to document the following reports for release them to media. ‎

The ‎reports sent by the officers Ahmed Abu Shoukah and Maaz Abu Amra ‎concerning Egypt ‎should be reviewed, as the officers have been asked to use fake ‎names for more ‎credibility. ‎

More than once, as real Al-Qassam Brigades operatives were ‎reported as seen at Tahrir Square ‎and in Cairo, the Egyptian ‎authorities held them and found that they are civilian ‎Palestinians receiving medical treatment at Nasser ‎Institute hospital in Cairo; some of ‎the arrested turned to be relations to Fatah affiliates, while others ‎have never travelled ‎to Egypt. ‎

Therefore, we decided to apply real names to the Al-Qassam leaders known to ‎Egyptian leadership, otherwise we would opt for fake names. ‎


Ma’moun Rashid,‎

Manager of General Administration of Foreign Security

Official stamp of General Administration of Foreign Security





Date: 23 July 2013


Palestine National Liberation Movement-Fatah

Media and Culture Commission


Jamal Muheisen,‎

Mobilization and Organization Commissioner-Foreign Regions (FR)‎



Subject: Explanatory Notes about Our Work


Dear Mr Muheisen, ‎

We would be pleased to keep you informed of the latest relating to the Palestinian ‎embassy in Egypt. ‎

We ‎in our capacity as media workers feel lonely in the field and shoulder every ‎responsibility on ‎behalf of all workers at our embassy in Egypt. Whereas the ambassador ‎Barakat El-‎Farra has never show us support or guidance, but is questioning our affiliation ‎and loyalty to our president Abbas and trying to make ‎known that we're working in favor ‎of Abbas's rival Mohammed Dahlan. ‎

I would here make certain that such claim is fully untrue. I have dedicated myself to the ‎following activities as a national service‏ ‏and nothing else:‎

I proposed to the ambassador to sponsor and use Samir Ghattas as Head of Forum ‎of ‎Middle East Strategic Studies to combat the MB regime; he refused. I sent ‎my ‎suggestion to Tayeb Abdul-Rahim (Secretary General of Presidency) and to you; you ‎praised and approved it.  ‎

I wrote the statement congratulating the 30 June revolution as one correcting the path ‎of ‎25 January revolution, but the ambassador opposed to release it in a rush and wanted ‎it ‎to be in a lighter tone. ‎

I proposed to coordinate with ‘Brotherhood Without Violence Movement’ which ‎represents a splinter group of MB youth to provide them with information that would ‎disclose the ‎Hamas-Muslim Brotherhood relationship to media, embarrassing both groups. ‎

Remark: I have been informed that the ambassador accused Fatah Secretariat Samir ‎Barzak ‎of leaking a report to the media last week which is untrue. You could send IT ‎technician ‎to the ambassador office in Egypt to find out ‎the technical procedure followed ‎by the ambassador that would reveal who is behind the leaking. ‎


Sincerely Yours,

Jihad Al Harazen,

Intellectual Mobilization and Media Commissioner

Official stamp of Intellectual Mobilization and Media Commissioner





Date: 24 July 2013‎


Palestine National Liberation Movement-Fatah

Media and Culture Commission



Mr Jamal Muheisen,

Commissioner of General Mobilization and Organization-Foreign Regions (FR)‎



Subject: The Top News Stories Prepared


With reference to the said subject, the news leads and part of their ‎bodies prepared ‎during the last few weeks are as ‎follows: ‎

‎1-News lead: Hamas Ordered Al-Qassam Members Not to Take ‎to Rabea Al-Adawiya ‎Square

Body: Hamas leadership ordered a number of members of its military wing Al-Qassam ‎Brigades to ‎withdraw from Rabea Al-Adawiya square for fear that the Egyptian ‎army ‎detains any of them which shall heat up the tension between ‎Hamas and the Egypt ‎administration. ‎

The media that picked up the news: nearly 30 including Youm7 ‎newspaper, Sadat El ‎Balad TV, UAE-based Al-Arabiya TV and the Egypt's pro-30 ‎June revolution TV ‎channels. ‎

‎2- News Lead: Hamas’s Ambitions for Sinai Peninsula

Body:  Hamas is embarking on a project to expand the Gaza Strip at the ‎expense of Sinai ‎peninsula. It’s based on the establishment so called ‘free trade ‎zone’, which is an Israeli ‎project set forth when Sharon (former Israeli ‎prime minister) was in office.‎

The media that reported the story: Youm7 newspaper, and Sadat El Balad; 15 Egyptian ‎and Arab news agencies and TV channels quoted ‎the piece from Youm7. ‎

‎3- News Lead: Hamas Sponsoring Terrorist Operations

Body: Hamas sponsored the terrorism in Egypt as the bomb blown in Al-‎Mansoura city in ‎Egypt is a high-explosive, incendiary bomb and is manufactured in ‎Israel.‎

Al-Qassam Brigades trained team No 95 affiliated to Muslim ‎Brotherhood in Gaza. ‎

Palestinian and Syrian elements based in Egypt are planning to carry out ‎military ‎operations, particularly sniper attacks.‎

The media that picked up the news: Masrawy news website, Youm7, ‎CBC TV, and El ‎Mehwar TV, in addition to several Egyptian and Gulf ‎channels including Al-Arabiya. ‎

News Lead: Al-Zahar Break Away from Hamas ‎

Body: Mahmoud Al-Zahar defected from Hamas movement after a ‎number of Hamas ‎leaders turned down his demand that all of ‎Al-Qassam members return to Al-Adawiya ‎square. He ‎threatened to state that in a press conference if the leadership ‎does not listen ‎to him.‎

The media that highlighted the story: Al-Fajr TV and ‎Egyptian websites.‎

‎5- News Lead: Six Hamas Operatives Arrested in North Sinai

Body: Security forces in North Sinai arrested 6 Hamas elements ‎possessing guns, ‎Kalashnikovs, laptops and huge amounts of money ‎in addition to documents ‎demonstrating plans to break into Egyptian jails to ‎release Muslim Brotherhood leaders.‎

The media that took the news: Al-Shorouk newspaper, Sadat Al-‎Balad, CBC, Al-‎Arabiya, and others.‎

‎6- News Lead: Hamas Officials Headed by Mashaal Meet Senior Iranian, Hezbollah ‎Leaders

Body: Hamas officials met a high-profile delegation of Iranian and ‎Hezbollah leaders to ‎discuss Hamas’s future following the potential ‎ouster of the Egyptian president (Morsi) ‎on 3 July 2013.‎

The media that reported the story: Al-Dostor newspaper, Youm7 ‎and others. ‎

‎7- News Lead: 7 Brotherhood Leaders to Run Operations in Egypt from Gaza

Body: Seven MB leaders, including Mahmoud Ezzat and Issam ‎Sultan, are staying in the ‎‎‘Gaza Beach’ hotel, accompanied by leaders ‎of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard. ‎

The media that highlighted that: Youm7, Veto Gate TV, ‎Al-Tahrir newspaper, Al-‎Arabiya and others. ‎

‎8- News Lead: Al-Qassam-affiliated Militant Arrested in Egypt Possessing ‎Photos of ‎Army Weapons ‎

Body: An Al-Qassam Brigades-affiliated Palestinian detained in ‎Al-Ismailia City holding ‎photos of Egyptian army's weapons. ‎

The media that reported that: Al Ahram newspaper, Youm7, Sadat Al-‎Balad, Al-Arabiya ‎and others. ‎

‎9-  News Lead: Al-Qassam Elements Withdraw from Al-Adawiya Square

Body: Al-Qassam Brigades held a meeting held on 20 June with ‎members of ‎Brotherhood Guidance Office to discuss the ‎situation in Egypt and implications on ‎Hamas in Gaza. ‎

Hamas decided to withdraw its elements from Al-Adawiya square ‎and Cairo, and ‎instructed them to commit to all statements issued by ‎their leaders. The movement noted ‎that any violation would have Egypt to ‎sever relations with Hamas.‎

The media that published the news: Youm7, Sadat Al-Balad, Al-‎Ahram and Al-Arabiya. ‎

‎10- Hamas Calls for Mobilization to Release Morsi, MB Detainees ‎

Body: Given that the coming stage would carry serious challenges ‎threatening the Muslim ‎nations’ dream of an Islamic State (caliphate) ‎and the gravity of what is happening to MB ‎Guide Badie, President Morsi, ‎and MB members, we issued a call for unity and ‎for a ‎comprehensive mobilization of our elements to wait for the zero ‎hour. ‎

The media that reported the news: Youm7, Sadat Al-Balad, as ‎well as pro-30 June ‎revolution TV channels.  ‎

‎11- News Lead:  3 Hamas Members Behind Death of Egyptian ‎Soldiers in Rafah

Body: Those behind the Rafah massacre which claimed the lives ‎of 19 army soldiers and ‎an officer are senior Al-Qassam Brigades leaders ‎Ayman Nofal, who broke out of a Cairo ‎jail during January 25th ‎revolution, Mohammed Abu Shamallah, and Raed Al-Attar, the ‎mastermind of the kidnapping of Israeli soldier Gilad ‎Shalit. Hamas carried out the attack ‎against Egyptian army to ‎provide a ground cover for Morsi to remove senior ‎Egyptian ‎army officers.‎

The media that picked up the news: Youm7, Sadat Al-Balad, ‎Al-Ahram, Gulf channels ‎and pro-30 June revolution TV ‎channels. ‎

‎12- Badie Accompanied by 3 Hamas Activists While Giving Speech at ‎Rabea Al-‎Adawiya Square

Body: Al-Qassam Brigades militants Moein Al-Dabash, Wajdi ‎Saleh and Bakr El-Sabah ‎appeared beside MB General Guide ‎Mohammed Badie while addressing supporters of ‎Morsi at ‎Rabea Al-Adawiya Square.‎

Security Services arrested five bearded men in a residential ‎building near Badie's villa ‎possessing laptops to contact Hamas, ‎machine guns, grenades and ammunition. ‎They were ‎transferred to Public Prosecution. ‎

The media that reported the news: Youm7, Sadat Al-Balad, Al-‎Ahram, Gulf TV channels ‎along with pro-30 June revolution ‎TV channels. ‎

Remark: journalists Abdul Mu’tee Mabrouk, and Shadi Shahin ‎played key role in ‎dispatching the news stories to the Egyptian ‎media, let alone contributing to phrasing and ‎producing them to ‎be suitable for the events. ‎


Sincerely Yours,‎

Dr Jihad Al Harazen,‎

Intellectual Mobilization and Media Commissioner