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Longest mural in Palestine unveiled in Gaza
Longest mural in Palestine unveiled in Gaza
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Memo - The Palestinian Culture Ministry has unveiled the longest mural in the country, which is painted on the walls of the Palestinian Legislative Council headquarters in the Gaza Strip.

At 84 metres in length, said the ministry, the mural has two objectives. The first is to reflect the spirit of persistence and steadfastness by being painted on the PLC walls. The council building is an important Palestinian symbol that was bombed during the Israelis' war against Gaza and its institutions.

The second aim is to reflect the varied aspects of Palestinian identity. The mural contains scenes of farmers, the struggle against Israel's occupation and scenes of old mosques and churches. It also contains scenes that symbolise the refugees' right of return.

Given the threats to occupied Jerusalem, the artists included the Dome of the Rock, a symbol of Palestinian presence in the Old City and an important landmark.