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IMF stages wide arrest campaign in WB
IMF stages wide arrest campaign in WB
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Gaza, Alray - Israeli Military Forces (IMF) arrested 14 Palestinians on Tuesday   in a wide spread arresting campaign in the West Bank.

Local sources reported that the IMF stormed on Tuesday at dawn  a number of villages near Nablus , searched Palestinian houses  and  arrested 5 Palestinians . It reported that  Waddah Dweikat, 25,from Beita village ,  Ali al-Turabi,31, from  Sarra village, Louay Hamid 27, from Furush Beit Dajan village,  Hisham Allan ,30, from  Aynabus village and Baraa Abu Amsha from Zawata village were arrested.

Spokesman for the Popular Committee Against the Wall and Settlement in Beit Ummar town Mohamed Awad said that the IMF arrested three Palestinian minors  from Aroub camp in Hebron after clashes erupted between the IMF and the residents of the  camp. He reported their names as  Abdel-Karim al-Titi ,14, Mustafa Abu Cell ,14, Ali Abu Hashhash ,14. He also reported that  Rami Za'qik,35, from Ummar village after being summoned to "Etzion" military interrogation.

The IMF also stormed Bethlehem on Tuseday at dawn  and arrested Issa Dubh ,43, and his son Hamza,21, after besieging  their house; it also arrested  Mohammed Amour,20, after storming and searching his family house.

 In Tekao town near Bethlehem the IMF handed Mohammed Sabah ,18 , a summon to "Etzion" military interrogation and attacked the house of Tekao mayor , no arrests reported.

Media sources reported that the IMF arrested at dawn Osama Sabbah  ,23 , from his home in the southern neighborhood of Tulkarem.

Silwanic site reported that under cover settlers stopped a number of Palestinian children on their way to home in Silwan and arrested Suleiman Siyam,13.