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Jerusalem governorate condemns separating Jerusalem from Bethlehem
Jerusalem governorate condemns separating Jerusalem from Bethlehem
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Occupied Jerusalem, ALRAY - Jerusalem Governorate considered the approval of Israeli authorities to a settlement plan to separate Jerusalem and Bethlehem a crime and a brutal aggression and a continuation of the systematic policy of occupation aimed at annexing more lands for the sake of illegal settlement expansion.

The governorate explained in a statement that these decisions seeks to break the geographical connection between Jerusalem and Bethlehem in order to  separate Jerusalem from its Palestinian extension and force Palestinians out their lands and homes for settlement interests.


It stressed that these measures are racist, illegal, and violate all international conventions and norms, including Security Council Resolution 2334.


The so-called "local planning committee" of the occupation municipality in Jerusalem approved, on Wednesday, a decision to seize areas of Palestinian citizens' lands south of Jerusalem, in favor of constructing public buildings, roads and carrying out construction work in the "Givat Hamatos" settlement.