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Israeli government works on seven major settlement plans in West Bank: Peace Now
Israeli government works on seven major settlement plans in West Bank: Peace Now
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 West Bank, ALRAY - Israeli occupation government headed by Naftali Bennett, works on seven major settlement projects on occupied Palestinian land, including three major settlement projects in occupied Jerusalem, Peace Now revealed.

The movement said in a report Saturday that during the first four months and a half of Bennett-Lapid government, it actively worked to strengthen the settlements, deepening the Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands.


The government approved 3000 plans of settlements, thousands of them in the settlements in occupied West Bank, 628 units in Eli, 399 are in Rivava, 286 are in Har Bracha, and 380 are in Kedumim.


The report noted that on October 24,2021, 1355 Tenders were issued for the construction of units in the settlements, and another 83 in Givat Hamatos in Jerusalem, including the dramatic expansion of the settlement of Ariel by 731 units.


It warned that the Israeli government works on a plan that threatening peace process and two-state solution ; the plan is to build 9000 units in "Atarot", in the heart of a Palestinian urban connection between Ramallah - Kafr Aqab Qalandia and Al-Ram at Qalandia Airport.


Israeli ministry of construction and housing drew a plan in the recent years, but it did not propose for approval yet. It is due to discuss the deposit of the plan of December 6, 2021 in the “Planning and Building Committee” in Jerusalem.


“The plan, that is just on paper, will be, by governmental initiative, a legal document and the approval process, which may take about a year or two, will begin.” Peace Now said.


It noted that it is easiest to stop the plan now before the approval process starts.


It noted that despite that plan E1 was deposited but discussing the objections, which is essential to moving the plan forward, has been discussed by the Bennett government, and another discussion is scheduled for November 21.


It pointed out that the tender for building units in the settlement of "Givat Hamatos" was published and awarded before the formation of the new Israeli government, but the government does not take any steps to stop or delay construction.


During the visit of Israeli Foreign Minister Lapid to Washington in October 2021, the "local committee" in Jerusalem approved the confiscations required to implement the plan.


On October 24, a tender was issued for 83 units in Givat Hamatos, which were not approved in the original bid.


The movement noted that Israeli occupation authorities started on October 20, the construction of 31 settlement units in Hebron; the approval and the budget were allocated during the Netanyahu government, but applying the plan is started during the current government. 


The occupation authorities also started work on the "Qalandia Tunnel", a road that could significantly change the development of settlements in the depths of the West Bank, especially in Ramallah and the northern areas.


The report stated that the “Evitar” outpost was established at the beginning of the path of the new Israeli government, and instead of evacuating it, it agreed to leave buildings in the area and place soldiers to guard it, while promising to legalize the outpost if it became clear that this was legally possible.


In August 2021, the occupation authorities established the Mevut Jericho farm near the settlement of Mevut Jericho, north of Jericho, an agricultural outpost.


It pointed to the establishment of a new agricultural farm near the outpost of "Hafat Yair" settlement on the lands of Deir Istiya, and a house and a house were built in the outpost, which is inhabited.


The report shed the light on the settlers’ violence against Palestinians, farmers and their property, pointing out that this year’s harvest season is particularly violent, as hundreds of olive trees were cut and stolen by settlers.


It stated that, during the four months since June 21, the occupation demolished 260 Palestinian buildings in Area C, which is nearly the number that was demolished in all of 2017.


Peace Now indicated that the occupation government announced this week an increase in "coalition funds" by 600 million shekels to 2 billion shekels, and a large part of these funds are allocated to settlements and settlement-related projects.