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Addameer calls for immediate release of 160 Palestinian children in Israeli jails
Addameer calls for immediate release of 160 Palestinian children in Israeli jails
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Gaza, ALRAY - Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association has called for the immediate release of at least 160 Palestinian detainee children in Israeli jails and demanded the cessation of all abuses practiced against them.

Coinciding with world Children’s Day, Addameer said that at least 160 Palestinian children are incarcerated in Israeli occupation jails and are exposed to excessive violence or ill-treatment in detention.

The Human Rights Association condemned all violations by the Israeli occupation against Palestinian children, starting from raiding the houses of their families and using terrorizing means to detain them or their relatives.

Palestinian children experience excessive violence, maltreatment and torture in Israeli jails. Over 1149 children have been detained by the Israeli occupation since the beginning of 2021, six of them detained under administrative detention orders, among them four who are still administratively detained in another violation of children's rights, according to Addameer association.

It indicated that the Israeli occupation deliberately extends the detention of the children until they reach the age of majority, so as to sentence them with long imprisonment terms, as was the case with the detainees Sameer al-Rimawi and Ayham Sabbah who were detained at the age of 16 and sentenced with a life term in prison after they had reached 18.

It noted that the World Children’s Day comes just a few days after Palestinian child Omar Abu Asab had been killed by Israeli forces in occupied Jerusalem, since the occupation forces fire live bullets within the context of using excessive force, violating all international laws and conventions in dealing with children.

The Human Rights Association called on international and human rights organizations to stand up to their responsibilities in protecting Palestinian children suffering from constant violations by the Israeli occupation.

According to Palestinian figures, about 4,850 Palestinians, including 36 women and 160 children, are currently languishing in Israeli detention jails.