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Israeli occupation kills 77 Palestinian children in 2021, rights group says
Israeli occupation kills 77 Palestinian children in 2021, rights group says
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Gaza, ALRAY - The Israeli occupation forces killed 77 Palestinian children, 61 of them in the Gaza Strip and 16 in the occupied West Bank, since the beginning of this year, Defence for Children International-Palestine (DCIP) has found.


In a press statement on the World Children's Day, the human rights organization said that around 2,200 Palestinian children were killed by the Israeli occupation forces since 2000.


"Palestinian children are subjected to a blatant violation of their legally-guaranteed rights amid an obvious lack of international accountability of the Israeli occupation authorities for their daily practices against the Palestinian people," the DCIP explained.


Palestinian children have become a " main target for daily Israeli practices," including killings, arrests, torture, raids on homes and educational facilities despite being one of the protected groups under international law and norms, according to the statement.


The DCIP demonstrated that Israeli occupation forces restore to deadly force under circumstances not justified by international law.


Taking advantage of the systemic impunity and lack of accountability, the use of disproportionate force has become the norm for the Israeli occupation army, the DCIP illustrated.


The group continued: "Since October 2015 and until October 2021, we documented the detention of 41 children in Israeli occupation prisons as per administrative detention orders, including four still held under administrative detention."


The Israeli occupation is the only state in the world that systematically detains and prosecute children in military courts, denying them their right to a fair trial, the NGO group said.


According to the statement, the Israeli occupation detains and prosecutes 500-700 Palestinian children in military courts each year.


The DCIP recorded 274 Israeli violations against the Palestinian education system from October 2019 until October 2021.


Such violations include detaining students and teachers, firing tear gas at students and schools, storming schools, and partially demolishing schools, as well as issuing demolition orders against schools, among others.


Since the beginning of this year, the human rights organization documented the demolition of 27 Palestinian homes in the occupied West Bank by the Israeli occupation authorities, leaving 100 children homeless.