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Israel keeps holding wheelchaired Palestinian detainee under catastrophic conditions
Israel keeps holding wheelchaired Palestinian detainee under catastrophic conditions
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Ramallah, ALRAY - The Israel Prison Service has been holding wheel-chaired Palestinian detainee Mansour Mawkadah in Ramleh prison clinic for 19 years in a row under catastrophic health conditions.

Commission of Detainees Affairs has pointed out that the prison of al-Ramleh lacks the minimum medical infrastructure and is not good for diagnosing and treating sick detainees, noting that the magical treatment available in the prison is a painkiller known as Acamol.

In a statement on Tuesday, the commission indicated that detainee Mawkadah has been injured with several bullets by the Israeli forces who had come to detain him, which resulted him to suffer paralysis in the lower-half of his body and lacerations to his digestive organs.

It added that his injury also resulted him to suffer from severe pains throughout his entire body, pointing out that a bag is connected to the outside of his body for the excretion of urine and stool.

In addition, the commission went on to say that detainee Mawkadah complains of eyes and dental problems and takes more than 12 types of medications, particularly sedatives, to help him overcome the intensity of the pains inflicting upon him around the clock.

It warned that the health condition of the detainee is getting worse day after day as a result of the medical negligence he is systematically exposed to by the Israel Prison Service, indicating that there is a deliberate delay in following up with his treatment and conducting his periodical checkups.

Detainee Mawkadah, 51, a resident of al-Zawiya town in Salfit, was detained on July 1, 2002 and given a prison sentence of 30 years. He is married with four children.

Moreover, the Commission of Detainees monitored in its statement the latest developments regarding the health condition of the detainee Nazem Abu Saleem, who is a resident of the city of Nazareth.

Detainee Abu Saleem is also held by the Israel Prison Service in al-Ramleh prison clinic under bad health conditions, since he complains of heart failure and needs a surgery to implant a pacemaker in the chest that helps keep the heart beating regularly.

According to Palestinian figures, over 4,800 Palestinians, including 34 women and 160 children, are currently languishing in Israeli detention jails.