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CIR opens the premiere of “We ..” in Gaza
CIR opens the premiere of “We ..” in Gaza
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Gaza, ALRAY - Council on International Relations – Palestine (CIR) opened, Thursday, the premiere of a documentary film entitled (We … a story of people lives in religious peace), in the Rashad Shawa Cultural Center in Gaza, attended by national, religious and other prominent figures, and in partnership with the local Shehab Agency.


The film narrates the state of coexistence and community peace between Muslims and Christians in the Gaza Strip, and embodies the state of social solidarity in times of crises and emergency situations, interconnectedness and peace between the two.


“We” reviews the state of harmony and partnership between them, and highlights many positions that show religious peace in the besieged enclave.


Dr. Basem Naim, Head of the CIR, acknowledged during the event the great efforts made to complete the documentary that deals with an important aspect of life and peaceful coexistence in the Gaza Strip.


Naim said “The documentary aims to convey the message of Palestine in general and Gaza specifically to Arabs and Muslims, as well as to enemies and in all languages,” stressing that the documentary does not present anything new, but rather documents a case rooted in the history of the Palestinian people, and this made the task easier for those in charge of its production.


Naim praised the strength and toughness of the people of Gaza, despite all the schemes and plots being hatched against them, but they still adhere to the resistance and awareness, on which the documentary content focused on.


The municipal head of Gaza municipality Dr. Yahya Al-Sarraj stressed the message and goal of the documentary, which expresses the truth and history of the authentic Palestinian people, through coexistence and community cohesion in all circumstances and times.


Al-Sarraj thanked everyone who contributed and worked for the success of this distinguished work, which conveys the message of peace, tolerance and community solidarity.


For his part, Father Yusef Asaad, assistant patron of Latin Church, thanked the producers, and emphasized the message of tolerance and coexistence rooted in Palestine.


He pointed out that the first person to recognize Palestine was the Pope Vatican despite the pressures he was subjected to, but he remained steadfast. Fr Asaad stressed the need to promote a culture of love for others, to live in peace and do good everywhere.