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Bennet and Bar-Lev support field executing of Palestinian
Bennet and Bar-Lev support field executing of Palestinian
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 Occupied Jerusalem, ALRAY - Israeli prime minister, Naftali Bennett and the minister of interior Omer Bar-Lev, expressed their full support to the field execution of the Jerusalem attacker on Saturday evening.



Bennett commented on executing the attacker despite that he did not pose any danger to the soldiers, "The soldiers acted quickly and decisively."



He added that the soldiers acted quickly and firmly against a terrorist who tried to kill an Israeli civilian. “I would like to express my support to them, this is how I expected our soldiers, and this is how they behaved. We cannot allow our capital to become a hotbed of terrorism again," he said.



 Bar-Lev justified executing the Palestinian as saying that the soldiers had to suppose that he was carrying an explosive belt and might detonate it, so when there is doubt, they must cut it off.


Israeli occupation forces had executed the Palestinian youth, Muhammad Shawkat Salima, from the city of Salfit, after he carried out a stabbing attack in Bab Al-Amoud area in the city of Jerusalem, which resulted in the serious injury of a settler.