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Israeli occupation razes Al-Araqib village for 195th time
Israeli occupation razes Al-Araqib village for 195th time
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Occupied Negev, ALRAY – The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) on Monday morning demolished the Palestinian village of Al-Araqib, located in the occupied Negev desert for the 195th time in a row.

Palestinian activist Saleem Al-Araqib said that the Israeli forces, accompanied by military bulldozers, broke into the village, forced its residents out under the current stormy weather, and demolished it.

This is the 13th demolition since the start of 2021, despite the fact that the houses are built of wood, plastic, and tin, and are inhabited by about 22 families.

The villagers’ insistence to rebuild their simple homes is a clear indication of their attachment to the land despite the repeated demolitions.

The Israeli occupation has been razing Al-Araqib village since 2000 in a bid to drive the indigenous Palestinian community out of their homes and lands.