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Israeli practices in Negev is settlement policies that must stop: Adalah
Israeli practices in Negev is settlement policies that must stop: Adalah
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Occupied Negev, ALRAY - The legal center for Arab minority rights in Israel, Adalah called on to stop Israeli legal violations against the residents of occupied Negev who defend their lands, and renewed their protests on Wednesday evening, denouncing the razing operations against their villages, especially the village of Al-Atrash.

The center sent an urgent letter to the to the legal advisor of Israeli occupation government, the inspector - general of Israeli police, and the officer of the south in the occupation police in order not to demolish the sit-in tent that erected by the residents against razing their lands.


The center called on a statement not to ban the residents from establishing a sit-in tent and stressed the dangerous of such banning and its impacts on the freedom of expressions.


The statement noted that demolishing the set-in tent by the bulldozers of the Jewish national Fund and under the protection of Israeli police in a flagrant violation to the right of protest and defend their rights.


The stressed that surrounding the town by the military campaigns is an embodiment of the settlement methods used by the occupying power.


The statement denounced demolishing the tent and considered it a direct continuation of the settlement practices pursued by Israel to pursue activists and actors inside.


It also considered the Israeli attacks is part of a long – term Israeli policy that is targeted the occupied villages in Negev.


The message of Wednesday is the second after the massage of Tuesday that called to remove the Israeli occupation police barriers set up by the Israeli police on the roads that lead to and from the village of Sa’wa, and allowing the movement of the citizens who live in the village and the solidarity activists from outside it by cars and means of transportation such as school buses in the area.


It also noted that the area where the barriers are erected ban the access to schools’ compounds and main services and services, which contains the only health fund that provides medical services to several villages in the vicinity, namely, Sa’wa, Khirbet Al-Watan, Al-Ruwais, and others.


The statement noted that erecting barriers violates the main right of movement and impedes the process of daily life, as well as imposing restrictions on the access of school students is not only a violation of freedom of movement, but a serious and direct violation of the right to education as well.


The Center also considered that the method of demolishing the tent without prior warning, in a manner similar to the military takeover, is repressive and provocative measures that are not appropriate to deal with defenseless civilians who remained on the land in defense of it.